Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Such a great sentiment.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Gives me hope

This picture gives me hope because it shows that some people really can read.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Monday, August 24, 2009


Crybabies and bedwetters, the world is full of em.


Since somebody thought it would be fun to send a copy of this blog to my employer, I just will post pictures here for all to see but keep any future posts my eyes only.

How ridiculous, for someone to have the mindset of since I won't play with them, they will not only take their ball and leave, but also go running to my mom to tell her that I'm not playing nice.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Dog, the other white meat

mmmm tastes like German food.


Well today was a pleasant surprise. First off I snagged a brand new umbrella from the lost & found on Wednesday. It's white and it had horrible brown smears all over it, like it had something spilled on it or maybe a giant had wiped his ass with it. Either way it was a shame to see a brand new big golf umbrella with tags covered in either coffee or shit. So I took it and figured I could clean it up and have a nice umbrella for when I walk Mr. Foo in the rain. Everyone at work laughed at me. Well that bitch cleaned up so nice and there's not one stain left on it after I sprayed its ass with Tilex. So it was pouring down rain today and I brought it with and laughed at everyone at work who dared laugh at me and my trashpicking abilities. Amateurs.

I did not have that many spatic people calling today either. That was a relief. Only one lady really cursed me but it was very uninspired and didn't even make me giggle. I did have one lady who called me to add up 2 numbers for her. She had 2 charges on her credit card, lets say $154.25 and $44.40. She could not add these 2 numbers on her own, she needed to call me to do it for her. That was disturbing. This lady somehow had enough money to come visit here, she drove here, but she can't add up 2 numbers to come up with the sum. Crazy. That makes me even more sure of the fact that humans are doomed and our days at the top of the food chain are limited.

I plan on doing nothing this weekend since I'm not welcome at the show tomorrow. Eh, whatever. I'm also being ignored now because I had to use the truck today to go to work since my car would not start. I "used up all the gas". WHATEVER. I also suck because I won't buy cigarettes anymore since I don't smoke anymore. That's also my fault. Everything's my fault. So I sit in here by myself every night and just wonder what it is that I've done or that I don't understand....that makes me so fucking disliked. I don't know.

Mr. Ito is chewing at his skin and I found a speck of what I think is flea dirt. Our neighbor's dog is covered in fleas. I've been treating him but I guess they have to bite him first in order to die. Poor Foo, he's never had a flea and I think he's allergic to their bites. I am going to bathe him on Sunday, since I have to wait 3 days after applying the Advantix.

That's it. I'm so fucking lonely.

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Most people who have known be in the past will say that I am a huge proponent of diapers. And I am. I really am. I wish this guy was my friend.


I spent today at the hospital getting cardiac tests from when I had the issue with my hand not working. They did echocardiograms, electrocardiograms, cardiac ultrasound with bubbles which was neat. They did sedate me for some of the tests and also do something to simulate exercise, Stan said it was a stress test and since they don't want me to stroke out, they didn't have me do real exercise. Which was fine with me. After they got my heart racing, they let it calm down and then gave me something which felt like valium squared. I drove myself there because nobody told me otherwise, and it was fun driving home. I apparently went to the store on the way back. I have new makeup. LOL I found the receipt and thankfully even in my altered state I took advantage of the buy 1 get 1 offers and also somehow came up with a $5 coupon. LOL I wish I remembered.

I am going to hate tomorrow because I'm gonna be so busy from not being there today. Thankfully it's just ONE MORE DAY and then I get 2 off. Stan's band is playing Saturday but I'm not going because apparently he's getting a ride or something and whatever I'm a big behemoth and there's no room for me or something equally lame. If I was jealous I'd care. But I'm not so I don't. Something tells me I should but what's the point.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Heading off to Work

I miss the days when I could take public transportation to work. I miss the bus.


Today was also a very nice day. Nobody at all cursed me on the phone. Nobody called me any names. Nobody barked at me. I was able to collect money from a deadbeat who was otherwise going to be turned to the police today.

Honestly if everyday was like today I would be a lot less stressed.

We came home and went food shopping to the tune of $100. I did however sneak a pair of 10kt gold hoop earrings in the cart included in that amount. I also got some FHP for that price too. Chicken breasts, pork loin, salad fixins, rainer cherries, cereal for Stan & for me, cow milk for Stan, soy milk for me, Purple drink for both of us, spaghetti o's, cheese, crackers, pickles, tuna, bbq sauce, 6pk Snapple, corn, pudding, and yogurt. Shit adds up fast. The earrings were on clearance for $5 bucks. They're big ass thin hoops which I don't have yet. I needed them. :)

Tomorrow I want to go clothes shopping at Goodwill. Seasons are changing and I need some interim/fall clothes. I have winter and summer but nothing in between. I need more cardigans and long sleeves.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Slapshot Vomit

Slapshot Vomit.

That would be a good band name.


I was so busy at work today the day just flew by. Crazy. My day was pretty nice all in all, nobody was particularly rude or aggressive today. However, I did get one message of a dog barking. Just a dog barking over & over & over. No words, just bark. I did forward that one to my manager who is kinda stuffy but still nice, just reserved, that's a better descriptive of him. I forwarded it with the message that a guest was very angry and asked for him by name. LOL he laughed. Which is saying a lot for him.

Stan's making chicken on the bbq for dinner and I am hungry. I ate cereal this morning for breakfast, and that's all I've eaten today. I did pick at some of those strawberry wheat square cereal during lunchtime. They fill you up like packing peanuts in a box.

I am also exhaustedly tired. I mean I could close my eyes and I would be asleep in seconds.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

One of these things is not like the others

Where's Waldo Whitey?


I did nothing today.

Well I ordered some checks. They were normally $24 but I got them for $6 including shipping. For 2 boxes of them. Yay. Styles checks is the service I used and I found several online coupons for their site and oddly enough their checkout allowed me to stack them and use many at once. I hope it will actually go through. :)

They have so many designs of checks now. I think every country music person has a set of checks with their face on them. Oddly enough they had a Rob Zombie set of checks, as well as a Styx and Kiss set too. I did not order any of those if you're curious. I ordered some with just a pattern on them. I feel like at age 40 I'm now too old to pass off writing a Hello Kitty check. However I was very tempted. So many of the checks just scream "THIS CHECK IS GOING TO BOUNCE". For example, the gambling designs, or the drinking designs. LOL. Not a good look for your finances.

My nurse at the doctor's office invited me to a community lunch today at a local Episcapal church. I was actually thinking of going because I really like her and that was really nice of her to think of us. Well, Stan didn't want to go because he's not a church goer, and he's not ready for them to start trying to recruit him to go to the church. I tried to tell him it wasn't like the Watchtower people, and they were just having a lunch....and I think he woulda gone with, but I completely overslept. I got up at 8 and had some breakfast and stuff and then sat in bed watching movies and fell back asleep. Oh well. They were having Tacos and I bet they woulda put the onions into the meat. At least that is what I'm telling myself since I am actually rather bummed that I missed it.

Speaking of movies I watched 2 of them today, Blade Runner which I've seen a bazillion times and I think I'm one of the few females in the world who enjoys it, and then another movie I'd never seen before called Mission to Mars. It had Gary Sinise in it and the dude from Jacobs Ladder,....um...yeah Tim Robbins. It was absolutely AWFUL and I would highly suggest NOT watching it even on a bet. The only scene worth watching was when a guy got spun around so fast in a wind tunnel that his arms and legs popped off. Other than that, nope. Not good. When the movie ends and I have to squeal 'WHAT THE FUCK?!? GIVE ME MY 2 HOURS BACK', that's not good. And I live for bad movies, but this movie was made to not derive it's charm from sucking. It was supposed to be touching and wonderful, and it ended up being retarded and ridiculous.

So that was my day. I ate some pork roast that Stan cooked on the fire in tinfoil and it was very good. I should get more of that on Monday when I go food shopping. Also with this paycheck I may buy some new eyeglasses. I love ZenniOptical.com. :)

Happy day.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Foam expands to fit screen

Foam expands to fit screen.

Happy Friday!

I am happy at least. I got an injection of Marcaine in my boob this afternoon as a trial to see if the radio frequency ablation will kill the pain, and the good news is that it did deaden the pain to an extent for about 5 hours, the bad news is well I had a 2" needle stuffed into my superpainful boob. I wish they woulda just taken the boob when it was all fucked up. What I'm left with is a painful tit that looks like a piece of chewed gum. Frankentit. One of the college interns at work today said I had titty-itis. He's a goof. Most of the interns were worthless but he was the only one who actually worked and didn't call in hungover all the time. I know they'll miss him at the desk, he was very helpful.

It's hot here. Had to put on the AC today. I really can't believe we don't have to put on AC all the time here. Today's what the 3rd or 4th time this summer we've needed it. Crazy. Back east it would have been on since May and woulda stayed on till October. I love a tiny electric bill.

Mr. Ito had a bath last night and he's so soft now. I have to put some Advantix on him tomorrow. He's not had any fleas but damn if I want any either. He was really itchy; last time I bathed him I used Dove body wash because his skin was dry, and it left a terrible residue in his fur and on his skin rather than moisturizing him which I'd hoped for....and so after a bit I had to bath him again, which is why I bathed him last night. He was rather naughty in the tub too. He kept walking forward in the tub till the water knobs were up right in his front legs which made wetting him down difficult, he would not back up and was being generally hard headed. I had to squirt him in the face to remind him that I was the one in charge of this bath thank you. After that horrible embarrassment, he did listen. I bathed him with Suave shampoo & conditioner which I've used on him many times before and seem to work well with cleaning him and conditioning him without leaving residue on his fur or skin. I've tried dog shampoos, they strip his fur and make him too clean and dry and itchy. I've tried my expensive shampoos and conditioners and they leave too much moisture on his skin and fur and he feels dirty and over conditioned in a week not to mention I cringe when I see 1/3 of a bottle of BedHead products being used on my dog. Last time I tried the Dove cream body wash and that was a total disaster. I've tried dishsoap and that was too sudsy and took forever to rinse and stripped his coat and made him itch. I tried the Dr. Bronners which worked okay, but he just didn't feel clean afterwards; a little bit like with the Bed Head stuff, like too much conditioner oddly enough. His fur had a funny slick feel to it. So, for him the Suave is the best and I had a coupon for them and I think they were like $0.14 each or something ridiculous. Tomorrow I will have to take him outside with the rake and pull some of his sheddy ass undercoat out. I pulled so much hair off of him in the tub it was gross. Dog hair doesn't geek me out usually but when it's wet it sticks to your hands which does not make me feel happy at all. I pulled out about 14 handfuls of disgusting wet dog hair out of the tub strainer last night and threw them in the toilet.

I have no plans this weekend.

Maybe I'll get a redbox; I think I have a free code.

The ferrets are all clean, their cages look crazy nice because Stan spent the day working on them. He also set up a great "in case of fire" set up for them.

Happy weekend.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Ready, spread 'em, and....catch

3 men in spandex, one is a pitcher, one is a catcher. One watches and helps with the spreading.

The difference between this video and any other video that I posted with that title and description is that you can watch this video at work or at home with kids around without being fired or handing out flyers when you move to a new neighborhood.



Isn't it cute?

What is it?

I don't know.

It has long fingers.

(not haiku)


Today was tolerable. I did have one lady call me a well trained corporate lapdog and then later in the call she barked at me. That was a little odd. I cannot imagine treating a complete stranger in a manner such as that. Seriously, what the hell is wrong with people? I also learned how to do a 3 way call on my phone and utilized that with a guest who refused to believe me when I told her that refunds take 3-7 business days to process on credit cards. For some reason she believed her bank.

One of the 3rd shift workers was terminated and arrested today. I don't know why. Considering the cops were involved, I have to guess it was theft related.

I am doing a diet that I just invented yesterday. It's called the Mini Wheats diet. We went to the store yesterday and I hadn't eaten a bite of food all day and I was hooongray! So on the way home when Stan stopped for gas I was foraging through the bags and broke into the strawberry creme frosted mini wheats and just started eating them like crackers. I ate about 6 of them and was full. So full that even the pizza that Stan got for dinner, instead of eating 3-4 pieces (the pieces out here in the Midwest are tiny compared to the big slabs back east so stop looking at me like I'm a fucking garbage disposal) I ate one piece completely, and the 2nd piece I picked at and ending up eating about a 1/3rd of it and giving the rest to Mr. Ito. So when I packed food for work today I stuck some of the mini wheats into a baggie and brought them with a gatorade and a tea, and my normal breakfast cereal with soy milk. I ate my breakfast (faux Golden Grahams) and then throughout the day picked at the bag of wheats and man let me tell you I was perfectly full all day, not even tempted to get a bagel, or lunch, which was great. So, every day (except tomorrow that is) I will be bringing in another baggie of them to stave off hunger and eating shitty fatty food. I say not tomorrow due to the fact that I have my employee of the month lunch with the bosses. So since they're paying I might line my pocketbook with a giant ziplock and order heavy. LOL! Last time I won EOM I had a chicken Caesar salad and it was delish and freaking enormous. I had Tiramisu for dessert and man oh man oh man was that fucking wonderful. I don't know if they are having the same menu or not. I'll report tomorrow what delicious treats I shoved down my gullet.

Oh I just remembered the entire reason that I was posting about the stupid cereal. I found another treat that's rather low fat and good for you (better than pudding or cookie dough) that I like. It's called Popcorn Indiana Buffalo Cheddar. Oh it's good it tastes just like chicken wings without the messy fingers and face. I highly recommend this popcorn.

That's about it. Lots of food information here today.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Um, hello police?

Please send out the officers, I've killed again.

I hate these things. They creep me out. Even if they have a delicious martini.


blah blah work blah safety meeting blah blah another day.

This video makes me believe that the human race has absolutely no future.

My favorite is the chick in the red shirt on the swing talking about being pregnant and enjoying a delicious cigarette. Nothing spells class like a 6 month pregnant smoker.

I swear this is the scariest thing I've seen in a long time.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Spankingly good coffee!

And I bitch about Stan sometimes. LOL I have it great, I've never been thrown over a knee and I don't even know HOW to make coffee!


Decent busy day at work. Stan's not feeling well. I was asked out by a stranger on my way back from the library. Um, no thank you! Dude said I was beautiful, which was nice to hear from a stranger, even though I'm not interested in going out with him.

I'm listening to a audio book, typing this, and feeling like a beachball. I really need to lose weight. I have a doctor's appointment on Friday maybe he'll give me some diet pills. I hate uppers. But I hate being fat moreso. Maybe the new diet pills don't tweak you out like the old ones did.

I'm going to go watch tv. I'm a lazy person. It's so hot outside I don't wanna do shit.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

How cute is a pussy sized pony????

Squeeeee too cute I want to diaper it and let it live in my house like a dog. CAN YOU IMAGINE? A house pony!! I would love to dress her up and walk her with Mr. Ito through the neighborhood. Then we'd go to Wendy's and hit the drive through and I'd get her a side salad with no dressing to eat in the car on the way home and Mr. Ito would get his single with nothing on it for the ride home and I'd get a single with no onions for the ride home and then when we'd get home we'd all eat watermelon. Horsies, me and Mr. Ito all love watermelon. That would be so cool. I think I would name her thor.


Spent the weekend sleeping.


Stan's acting so strange. I am worried about him.

Thursday, August 6, 2009


Lisa Rinna

Have you seen the pictures of Lisa Rinna in the latest Playboy? Her lips look so natural.


Today was awful at work. I am seriously thinking of leaving. I actually love my job, what I do is different every day, challenging and enjoyable for me. What is NOT enjoyable is having co-workers who don't do, or sometimes even know their job. ie; a front desk clerk who checks someone into their room and doesn't bother to collect money. Then I get yelled at because the overdue balance account is high. Well hello there boss, maybe if your untrained apes at the front desk could possibly remember to ask for money, it wouldn't be. My co-workers for the most part are very nice, but nice doesn't always cut it. Our new manager is so scatterbrained and does not follow up on anything she is asked to do. If I don't do it for her when I see its left unfinished, I'm "not supporting her". Supporting someone and doing their job for them are 2 different animals. Also, my annual review was due in April. I have not received it nor have I received my annual raise. Which is bullshit. I work hard and I deserve my raise. So, today after coming in to a statement where a guest had over $1,200.00 refunded back to her credit card for no reason whatsoever by one of the front desk girls, and now the credit card is not only declining, but SHUT OFF, we are fucked for that money and I refuse to take ownership of this mess. And I said as much today. I'm sorry but the front desk associate who is responsible for this mess should be held accountable for either tracking down the person she gave the money to, or for repaying the resort the money. I just feel like I am getting burned out and that I cannot advance or be further compensated than I am right now. My morale is shit down the toilet, and I am getting mixed messages from my employers; I am employee of the month, yet I cannot have or is it deserve? a raise and review? Don't think I haven't asked. Nobody claims to "know". Well I know and what I know is that you are making me not want to show up and give the 100% which I give daily. Which sucks because I know I am a good employee.

So, I spent this afternoon filling out applications online at different locales, doing different things. I'd like to work somewhere besides hospitality, where everyone has that horrible entitlement way about them.

Stans truck is broken I went to drive it to go to the store and the brake light was on, and the brakes didn't work so well. He came out and looked at it and there's brake juice all over the driveway. I think he was trying to kill me but the light came on too soon. Oh well sorry about that, keep trying. Divorce is cheaper than a trial honey. Since my car cannot be trusted to start, I am stuck at home and I really wanted to go looking at the store. Not shopping, just looking. Oh well I guess this means I'll be stuck home all weekend too. Stan's got a show tomorrow and he's going to try and get his truck towed down to that area so his friend can work on it, and that means he'll be staying down there all weekend. At least there's a soda machine at the gas station down the way, I won't die of starvation. ha ha! I was going to go with him tomorrow but I said if tomorrow at work is anything like today was I'll be in too shitty of a mood and won't wanna go. But now with him needing to spend the weekend down there, I can't go because of the beasties here, I'll need to take care of them. Which makes my decision to go or not to go a lot easier.

Okay I'm off to do some bathtub laundry. Did I mention how classy I am? Actually I think I get the clothes cleaner in the tub, as I soak them for an hour and then scrub each piece by hand. So there. I may be poor and gross and friendless and deserving of hate, but at least I'm clean.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


kill it kill it kill it kill it kill it kill it kill it


Oh what a shit day today was. I should have known yesterday was too good to be true.

Today started with the neurologist appointment. That went pretty well but from that point on everything went to shit. I get in to work for the operator saying, "oh she's here now, hold on". Then she gets pissy with me saying there's a call for me. I told her fine send her to my voice mail I haven't even turned on the computer or sat down yet. She says no this lady has been calling all morning and won't leave a message. Well if she won't leave a message it must not be that important. Send her to my voice mail. The operator gets attitude with me and starts bitching and whining to the point where I say FINE and answer the call. The first thing out of this lady's mouth is "Okay bitch, you listen to me..." and with that I slam the phone down and tell the operator that yes now I have spoken with her, is everyone happy now?? I don't understand how an operator can take orders about how she's going to route a call from the person on the other end. My voicemail clearly stated I would be in at 2pm and I was there 2 hours early. Leave a fucking message. And when you do get to speak to someone who is 2 hours early to work, don't let the 2nd word out of your mouth be insulting and rude. They'll slam the phone down on your ass.

The rest of the day went about the same as the first call, a man threatened to come back to the resort and "straighten out is bill on my ass", then called me a motherfucker and also got hung up on, another bitch who can't add called and told me I was purposely and personally 'fucking up her bank account', when I asked her please not to cuss at me when I'm trying to assist her, she decided the proper answer to this request would be to go, "oh for fucks sake" and I hung up on her ass too. I was/am in no mood to deal with entitlement whores who expect me to figure out their personal finances and be abused while doing so. The man who called me the antichrist last week called again today and I just laughed and deleted his message. Yeah, sorry, just no dude, no. I'm not going to call you back for more abuse. I did tell my manager who he also called the antichrist about his call and she laughed and told me to delete it. We had a good laugh because I already had.

My health company (the mega-lo corporation of all the different doctors, surgeons, ect) is starting up a new weight loss program. I was all excited and wanted to join it, it had group meetings, a low calorie meal plan, medication if needed and surgery if needed. Well I just looked at the website and of course it's in fucking Madison. I am not driving that far to go sit around with a bunch of other fatasses and feel bad about myself. I would do this if I didn't have to drive 45 minutes each way. Dammit. See this is just how my day is going.

I'm thinking of going to bed and starting over fresh tomorrow. One highlight of today is that I looked fierce in my black asymmetrical hem skirt, a cute purple/violet design dyed shirt, and my black slingbacks. Oh I had to cover my arm shame with a sweater while in the pubic (typo but it stays) eye. Rowr! I love getting dressed in a way that makes me feel a little bit better about myself. I matched my eyes to the shirt and shimmered away with the MAC stuff my sissy bought me. :) I'm trying to grow my eyelashes and I am so tempted to try the new medical drops that are supposed to help with this. In the meantime I am using a topical brush on stuff. I honestly don't even know if I need this stuff, but you gotta admit having big fluffy no mascara needed brushable eyelashes is a great thing! Oh well enough of me being vain.

The one other shining spot of the day was the delicious dinner that Stan made. mussels (first time we've ever had those since moving to WI), NY Strip steaks on the grill and yummy local asparagus with hollandaise sauce. Yum! Man it was good. I could not finish it and I am still thinking of going to sleep now so I can wake up earlier eat the rest of it for breakfast. Thank you so much Schtanley!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Prepare for Liftoff!



That's a Kim joke, I say there are 3 different kinds of fat people, one like me, just fat, another like oh shit hide the snickers, here she comes, and the last is OH HOLY SHIT ITS COMING AT US GET IN THE CAR!!!

This dude is in the 3rd category. Definitely what with those salad plate sized nipples, can you imagine the smell under his titties? Cheese, multi-vitamins and Pam spray.

I keep picturing him pressing himself up against a clear glass sliding door, just pressing all that mess up against the glass and the mental picture is just ghastly. And I cannot stop picturing it. What the fuck is wrong with me? Stop looking at me like that.


Well today was simply a lovely day!

Work was nice, except for a select few idiots. One was so funny I have to share. She was angry because her debit card had been authorized, which caused her account to go negative. (Here's a clue, don't vacation if you do not have a spare $50). When she checked in, she signed the registration pad that states we are going to authorize her card. It's standard procedure in any resort or nicer hotel. She was angry and stated nobody told her about it. I stated the front desk associates usually don't verbally alert the guests since like I said, it's clearly stated on the registration pad that you read and sign before checking in. She stated that this was a terrible thing, and it was discriminatory and racist. Um, whoa, racist? Do you know what race I am because I haven't a clue what you are ma'am. She stated that yes it is discriminatory because not all people can read. Well ma'am even if "a person" cannot read, they still are required to sign it, and if they cannot read I would hope they would either have a friend to assist them with the reading, or that they would oh, ASK the associate what it says before signing? I told her I've assisted other guests who didn't have their glasses and couldn't make out the words before, and it's not an uncommon practice for the front desk to do that. Because by signing, which ma'am, you did, you state that you A) read the information above and B) agreed with it. So, even if you did not or could not read, you signed stating you understood and agreed. So, I apologize that you have seven $45.00 overdraft fees on your account, but I cannot do anything about refunding those charges as I have your signature stating that you understood and agreed that we would authorize your Visa debit card. Sorry. The guest then called me a name (if you're curious, she called me a motherfucker) and hung up on me. I was about to say that I could call her bank and plead her case for her (many banks are a lot more receptive of removing overdraft fees if the merchant calls and explains and expedites the authorization removal) but she blew that by losing her temper. Also I would have suggested a different bank, because my bank sucks ass and they only charge $25 for overdrafts.

So then after work I came home and picked up a free grocery bag full of magnets that I scoured from Craigslist. I split them up into "awful" and "awful but keepable". My desk is surrounded on one side with a giant metal cabinet so I'm bringing them to work to display there so jazz up the joint. The others I'm taking to work to distribute to my coworkers. I do that with a bunch of free magazines that I don't like. I have a shit ton of stuff that I've got bagged up and ready to go.

Tomorrow I have a doctor's appointment at 1130am, but I'm not sure where. oh, never mind I just got the reminder call and it's in Portage. I was hoping it was in Baraboo as that is closer to my work. Poop! Eh, whatchagonnado? I'm rather nervous about this since I'm finding out the results of all my MRI/MRA/CAT Scan and bloodwork from when I had the mini stroke thing. I asked when they called if the results were okay and the person said they wouldn't tell me but I should get to the doctor's office to find out asap, Oh, great....that's comforting! So tomorrow I find out. I now have to figure out if I should go in to work first, I'm considering it but I'm also considering not going. LOL I'm so lazy.

I went to Goodwill after work today because tonight at midnight I get my paycheck and I can afford some new clothes, Well new to me! Actually 3 of the shirts I bought have tags on them, NY and Co, one is $69.99 and the other is $79.99. Not bad for six bucks for both! :) I also got 3 cute skirts to go with the shirts, 3 drinking glasses, a cereal bowl, a Canon T50 SLR camera (for $.99, I thought it was mismarked but nope, a really nice 35mm camera for a buck) and a beautiful magenta twinset. All for forty bucks. Not bad huh? I thought it was a great deal.

Hope that anyone who reads this had as nice of a day as I have.

Monday, August 3, 2009

What that's not the father of the bride?

Best wishes on a long & prosperous marriage!

that and jogging shorts in the snow.


Wow today was a busy day. I did however find out that I got employee of the month again. Really? I honestly can't believe it. I do work hard at work but I don't think I deserve it 2x.

It's hot here. Today's the 2nd day with AC on for the summer. It's probably cool enough out now, but it's a pain in the ass to take out the unit from the window. So it'll stay until whenever Stan takes it out.

Nothing much honestly to discuss, just had a normal day, my car won't start, and if it doesn't start tomorrow I don't know what I'll do since Stan has places to go and things to do and I can't use his truck. And I have to go to work tomorrow since on Wednesday I have to leave early due to my visit to the Neurologist to find out if I had a stroke or if I have a brain tumor or what the fuck is going on with my hands.

I got my skin-it today that I saved up coke points for. It's cute and looks adorable on my computer. I love getting free stuff for picking soda caps out of the garbage at work. :)

Also I got a shit ton of magazines. I keep taking them to work to give them away but I am thinking of taking them to my doctors office since their magazine selection is very painfully bad.

Maybe tomorrow I will feel like dressing. Today I did not feel up to it and wore a pullover shirt with a pull up skirt and fancy flip flops. I looked okay but I feel like I should look BAM good since I am the only one in my dept allowed to wear regular clothes that I buy and choose. That's a big responsibility and I don't need to look like I'm in jammies, yanno? Thankfully the GM is out in Sandusky, Ohio and was not in today. The MOD was my friend and he wouldn't care if I came in there in sweats, as long as he didn't have to deal with the people that I do, he'd be happy. But the GM will be back eventually and I need to get out of this bum slump that I've been in lately. Shopping usually cures that, and payday is Wednesday, so maybe I can afford a trip to my own personal Macys (aka the Goodwill) this week. I'll have to talk to my personal banker, Stan to make sure I can swing a trip. Its been about a month since I went.

Happy Monday! I can't wait to watch the new True Blood, but I'm holding out for a night when I'm more awake.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Walk like a man


Happy Sunday! It's the day of the Lord Hallelujah! Praise him!

Okay, back to the reality of my blog. The only religious programming you will get here is good old Pastor Kerney Thomas:

I hope that everyone is holding their personal prankerchiefs while they're reading this ecoli bola loshow blog. Sorry I broke into tongues there for a second. I bet nobody's back hurt's anymore either. I wish I could do something for Stan, like rob a pharmacy, since he's out of medicine until the 4th.

Anyway I spent my day around the house jacking off. Not literally but you know, just doing a whole bunch of nothing but staying busy doing it. I have to work tomorrow and I wanted to dye my hair this weekend but it has not occurred yet. Oh well. I'll just go in ugly as usual.

I hope everyone is having a lovely day and had a great weekend. :)

Saturday, August 1, 2009


Whatever is going on here, I don't like it.

1:52 dude goes mmmmmm and my soul dies a little.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Video killed the Picture of the day

If this product is efficient, all hookers would have arms that looked like Madonna's. So this disproves the theory. Plus, the "prestigious California university" that they speak of, I'm pretty sure, is either DeVry or ITT Tech.

I love how they say for women only. I'm surprised that they don't have a penis head rubber piece that you can slip onto the end to "prevent chipping". LOL


Today was a very nice day. I wore my new fragrance to work and 4 people commented positively on it today. I think I have the correct spray amount down now. :)

Stan's making turkey burgers for dinner and they smell delicious. The dog is being naughty and getting in trouble, he's puked all over the house and he's being super clingy and following Stan all over the house and if you knew the size of our house you would understand why this is so ridiculous. I think he gorged on a neck bone and that caused him to vomit because earlier I did see him with a bone in his mouth.

I watched the latest True Blood this afternoon and OMG I cannot wait until next week! That show is so great, I dare say I enjoy it as much as I enjoyed the Sopranos back in the day. This last Sunday's show was so action packed and left so many strings untied that I am anxious to see next week's episode. SPOILERS : How will Jason save Sookie from the basement of the church? Will her fake fiancee make it out alive? What's up with the bloodstained lot that Eggs to Tara to during their ride to the hardware store? And whats up with Marianne and not getting a shower? Is she powered by water? Whats up with the PIG? I hate Lorena but will she release Bill in time to go save Sookie, or will ESCANDALO Bill give in to their history and take back up with her? Or will she get Sookie for Eric who confessed he wanted her from Bill? Why does Pam want Lafayette to sell V again? When is Lafayette gonna get his groove back? You know it's bad when Andy can tell you've lost your groove. Is Daphne going to have Sam stabbed to death at the orgy hosted by Maryann with a bull mask and a dagger? Oh the questions!!!

I like watching series each week, but honestly I love watching them all at once on a DVD. I have no patience and I don't like waiting for Monday's or later to watch the show. I wish I could just sit down and watch the entire series like I did with all the Dexter series. I would even watch them out of order when the library delivered them out of order. LOL but still, it was better than the anticipation of watching weekly.

So tomorrow is Friday and I hope it's decent at work. If I can get one more of my deadbeats to pay up I will get a gas card for a bonus, it was a challenge put on me to collect x amount of money by one of my managers who didn't think I could collect $5K in a week. I was only in four days this week, too, and I'm right only a bit under $200 away from doing this. I hope I can get it done tomorrow, I have good luck getting debit cards to go through on Fridays since people get direct deposit on Fridays. Here's hoping, I could use a free fifty dollar bonus.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Livin the Dream

So your dad's recognizable all over the world, and he's made a career of breaking his body and probably soul, taking steroids and tearing off perfectly good shirts.

With Dad's money and notoriety, you know you can get a music career, right? Of course! There are enough good studio techs with studios, and image consultants, and makeup artists, and choreographers, and wardrobe consultants out there who are hungry enough to say, "Hulk, she's adorable but she does not have what it takes to be a pop singer". Believe it or not there are scruples and integrity in the business. It's harder to find than what the Hogans have found, which are commonly known as "Leeches". Instead they found theses leechpeople who only know the word YES and if the checks keep flowing, the nonsense does as well. Sure baby whatever you want, those pants are so fucking hot, I guarantee they'll be on the runways in Milan this fall.

As shown in this photo. The airbrushed photo that Brooke is holding is not fan art, or something she purchased for $20.00 on the Ocean City, New Jersey boardwalk. This is the actual cover art for her upcoming CD. Can you imagine? The people who okayed this decision were either A) blind B) 14 years old and wished it had "blinkies" or C) Friends of Brookes who are also on her payroll and "just want to make her happy". They thought Brooke seemed to dig it since the artist gave her a lithe midsection and a face like a downs syndrome patient.

Either way, the end result of all these wonderfully made, thought out, researched decisions that have been made in the realm of Brooke Hogan's career is in the photo. Standing in front of a folding table covered with some fabric from the crafts department, with a WalMart logo printed sign (the same type sign design that reminds you to wash your hands after you pee) letting the hordes of crowds (where are they?) that she will be there from 5 till 7. Conveniently located directly in front of socks. In summer. Socks in summer, she should name the new CD that, because we need one just as much as we don't need the other.

I shot a man in reno, just to watch him die

This boy's 5 years old and he's gonna be the next man in black, you mark my words.

In the meantime, I can still sit here and go awwww, right?


Today at work was fun! I do believe it was due to my GIANT UNDERPANTS! Yes I wore giant drawers today. They were not really just drawers, they were more of a fat sucking in tool. Yeah I broke down and bought one of these when I went shopping with my sis. It's pretty amazing how comfy it is and it does do a number on your flab. It also reminds you that it's there and you've got yourself so fat that you need to be held in by expensive undergarments so hey fatty so fat, why not skip lunch? The only thing that truly sucks homeless balls about it is going to the bathroom. I only went one time in a 10 hour time period because it was like an olympic sport taking it off and putting it back on in a tiny restroom stall. Plus with me being a germaphobe, I cannot touch the walls, and my clothes can't touch the floor, so it's a balancing act which probably looked like something out of Circque De Soliel. But I did manage to pee, and next time I know better and don't drink!!

I am going to get this kind whenever I get some money so that I can pee at work. I am really not trying to get a kidney stone. Plus my legs don't need any compression, just my middle, not the ass, not the tits, just the gut. So basically I will buy movement and urinating restrictive clothing rather than to do some sit ups. How lazy am I? I think that this paragraph shows the depths of my laziness.

I got a kickass white short trenchcoat yesterday on clearance for under $20, 2 Mr. Rogers style cardigans for work so I can wear short sleeves and still hide my shame, fashion tape for my button up shirts since the boobs want to make the buttons to pull and look messy. I got some Estee Lauder "Beyond Paradise" perfume, which I am trying to replace my Clinique Happy with. I've been on the Happy for god, 12 years. I love it but I think I need something new and my sister agreed and was shocked that I was still on it, even a derivitave of it, the Happy Heart. So, it was something new for me. This was like the 2nd smell I smelled and I like it. So it's mine now, it seems to disappear very fast with the same squirts as Happy which everyone at work commented on. Nobody said dick today, but then again they didn't say hey kim did you spill the juice of a can of tuna on your pants? Because that would have made me sad.

I also got some MAC makeup which I love but can't afford, some powder, some brushes, some eyeshadows, and I feel so pretty. I did pretty eyes today with pussy pink eyeliner, pink with blue highlights lids and creases, and baby pink highlights. I've been doing clear eyelash treatement at night then regular mascara at day, and WOW my friend at work asked if I was wearing falsies today, which I told her no, but I was wearing ENORMOUS UNDERPANTS!which of course then a mini fashion show ensued.

Hope your day was as fun as mine! I drank about 15 jello shooters that I shared with Mr. Ito while waiting for Stan to get home. I don't have a buzz from the Vodka, but the sugar has me going! zzzzzwwwhhheeeeee!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Iggy Pop's Mom

When did Madonna become Iggy Pop's mom?

Nurse, administer some cookie dough or mashed potatoes & gravy, STAT!


The sad thing is this is a real product and people will send this company real money rather than introduce their ass to Mr. Soap and Captain water.

I am taking a few days off to visit family so I wish everyone a wonderful few days.

Sunday, July 26, 2009



Giger (misspelled as Ginger) is in a contest.

He is #105, if you're so inclined.

Voting begins Monday.

Friday, July 24, 2009

thigh friction

I can only hope padding was involved


Oh my god I am so happy I don't have to work tomorrow. This week has been so surreal what with Monday being completely lost to medication, and Tuesday the same, somehow even with those 2 days being so weird, the week seemed to go on forever and ever.

So work today was actually good. People were nice and human on the phone, a coworker who I found out a while ago was stealing was shitcanned today, and my coworkers made me smile & laugh. My one coworker who is usually kind of stuffy and uptight was on some muscle relaxers and pain pills and was hilarious, probably like I was on Tuesday. LOL She said the funniest thing today, this pushy foreigner had called and was bitching because they paid to use the waterparks and it was lightning outside so they closed the outdoor park, and they wanted their money back (mind you there's a 125K square foot indoor park that was open) and we told them no, and after they hung up she says "the kosher pool is closed!" and it just made no sense, but she said it with such conviction it was hilarious.

Stan and I went to the Goodwill after work and I got 2 outfits one with matching shoes and everything. Now I have a reason to look forward to work on Monday. :) All for $20.00.

I plan on vegetating this weekend too. My sister is coming next weekend, and I do need to clean the house but oh how fun it sounds to sleep.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

What the hell is going on here?

Your guess is as good as mine.


I apparently went to work on Tuesday just as wasted as i was on Monday. I have no recollection of Monday or Tuesday. Hooray for drugs!

I am feeling more like myself today but I am still just exhausted. I could nap until tomorrow morning, but that's not really a nap is it? :)

Yesterday I had a bitchy woman call and complain that the Mobil gas station down the street overcharged her $.30 per gallon when she was here and what did I plan on doing for her? Um, give you the number to the Mobil station perhaps? Oh, that's it? Yes, I don't work for Mobil. Well you obviously own the station, it's on the property. Not to be difficult ma'am, but it's actually not on the property and we do not own it and there's nothing I can honestly do to assist you with the Mobil station. Well, that just goes to show what terrible customer service your resort gives! I will NEVER come back! :click:

People, gotta love em. On a good note today I did collect over $600 in deadbeat money.

Monday, July 20, 2009

I am so wasted my god they gave me 2 tinyp ills o keep me sane in the mri tube. i honeslty dont reneber athing aand am so waseted its not eve n funny. Its also stans birthday so we had steaks and sea cucuarachas. MMM mmmthey were really good.

im going to bed but stans gotta check me cuz the combo of benzodizepans and my daily methaedone and the hosptial injectable stufff theres a channce i could stop breathing. Whats hat? I hear someone yelling hold your breath! thats not very nice, you must have some infectious fish tacos adhered to your labia and feel the need to lash out at me who is not a whore but still manages to hafe fun so pfffffffffffffffffbbbbtttttttttttttttttt I wish you big fzcial blemishes andsmellly unerpants cotdches .

If I had a genie I would wish for 36 million dollars in non-marked bills, tax free, not stolen from anyone else, that is mine legally and forever. And when I spent $1, I would then make $2. Everyday for the resto fo my natural ife. That would be what i aske for me, I'd also ask that all pets had GREAT homes that loved and cheristed them. and that they'red be no more mistreated or homeless pets. I'd insititute a licensing program for all would be parents and have them all checked out (mentally, intellgently, housewise, finances)and see if they'd be fit parents. If not, there would be easily enough if they actually TRIED steps to take so they could learn to be the parent their kid wants and needs. If they don't wanna do that, the infertile people would have theses children to choose from as children who need to be adopted.

That's if I had a 3 wish genie.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

2 in one post

Today was exactly like yesterday minus leaving the house.

Here's the picture of the day, too. Compliments of Stan. What is going on here? Maybe it needs a caption but I'm too lazy to try.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Bow down to your new masters

I guess they won't be selling fried chicken at the deli after the new world order. Maybe they'll replace it with squirrel.


I think if I were independently wealthy I would be so sloth-like. My Saturdays are the epitome of leisure. My most tiresome activity today was vacuuming. My dog sheds so much I want to shave him. But I think a bald german shepherd would just look sickly and nobody would want to pet him and tell him how pretty he is when we go for walks.

We did go to a couple yard sales today, I got a duvet set for the bed and a gorgeous antique silk table runner with japanese embroidery all over it. It is so pretty and it was $3. Yay! Also we went to Walgreens and I got some hair dye for my latest big idea about what the fuck I am going to do with the mop of hair on my head. I was almost thisclose to cutting it the other day and Stan was like if you cut it, you'll hate it and I don't wanna hear about it when you're all pissed off after you do something stupid. He's right it's taken me so long to grow my hair this long and it can look decent if I try, so I'm going to do some creative bleaching and see if I like it. Kind of a a Cruella DeVille look. Stan didn't want to go inside the Walgreens because his toes are still painted from when he was laid up in the bed after his surgery. They're not pink or anything they have a clear coat with small red hearts and glitter mixed in. Barely noticeable and really who's going to dare say something to the guy who looks like this and has pretty pink hearts on his toes? Seriously!

So yeah that was my day. Now I am sitting in bed typing and watching QVC and wishing I had some money because they have Philosophy stuff on there. Did you know that QVC has Tacori jewelery? THEY DO! I was shocked because that has got to be one of my favorite brands of jewelery ever. And a lot of it is in platinum plated silver which is really affordable. Love it! I like watching QVC sometimes when I want to shop but don't want to put on pants. That should be their new logo, right?

Tomorrow we are going to go to the range and go shooting. I have not been shooting in forever and am kind of excited. I want to bring some fun targets like helium balloons and stuff that explodes when you hit it, maybe some water balloons with red water inside to get some of my anger out. I wonder if we'll bring Mr. Ito.

Oh man they have watermelon bath gel on tv. That sounds so great doesn't it? They discontinued the bath gel I was using at Walgreens. It was called Breathe Easy and had menthol and spearmint in it and smelled so great and tingled when you used it. The ladies on TV are saying this stuff smells like Jolly Rancher and now I want it really bad. DAMN the fact that I am poor! Oh well. If I were rich I'd have so much bath and body and cosmetics stuff it would be ridiculous.

Heather stopped by today to pick up clothes. I didn't even see her and she didn't even tell her dad to tell me to drop fucking dead. I cannot wait until she doesn't come by for clothes or for money or for anything anymore. She's really pissed me off I think to the point of no return. It will take some serious changing on her end, or a lot of time for me to feel differently.

Friday, July 17, 2009

My family tree is a paper mill

Since I'm adopted, I used to pretend my parents were shopping channel hosts. For some reason this cute gay man always looked like he smelled nice so I would tell people he was my birth father.

Now I have a new fake parent photo that I am thinking of framing and taking to work and building a storyline about. Meet my birth mom, isn't she something? She was recently arrested for urinating in public, in particular in a Publix Store's Bulk Food section. Always classy that mom of mine, always classy.


Oh the joys of Friday. Except for one dude at work everyone was semi human. The dude broke the glass cooktop on the oven in his room and didn't want to pay the $500 to replace it. How sad. I charged his card immediately when maintenance called to let me know it occurred. 2 hours later I get this super aggressive douchebag on the phone telling me the cooktop was old (yeah, and? What does glass get brittle as it gets old? I have some pyrex bakeware that's 20 years old dude) and he's not going to pay for it. I corrected him and let him know he had already paid for it. Guy went nuts, telling me he's going to contest the charge and I reminded him he signed the reg card stating he would be responsible for any damages he caused. He stated he didn't cause it. Oh, okay, maybe you personally did not, but someone in your party did, and you called down to the front desk to complain about it and demand a new room or oven. He stated he's not paying for it and thats that and he wants a manager. I send poor manager over and he gets up in her face (she's maybe five three?) and tells her he's not paying and blah blah blah and she tells him he's already paid for it, and since he's so unhappy she would be happy to check him out right now and only charge him $100 to depart early. I love this manager. She's got balls the size of planets. Dude realizes he's up against someone he cannot defeat and chooses to stay but wants a new room with a working cooktop. So we switch his room but apparently the room is ready for him 10 minutes after he has put his kids down for a nap and he won't depart the room until they wakeup in about 3 hours. Manager laughs and states that in 3 hours he will not have to move as he'll be staying in that room if he's still in it. If he'd like to move rooms, the time is now. He begrudgingly does it, and makes a huge stink and gets so in her face security is called for her safety. Now, I was thinking it would sure be great fun around oh, 2 or 3 tonight to call the room that this douche is in and pretend I'm the guy in the room upstairs and say something like, "hey asshole, I'm the guy upstairs and if you don't shut up your ugly retarded kids I'm gonna come down there and give them a a reason to cry". Or something like that. Which would A) wake up the kids and annoy this guy, and/or B) cause him to stomp upstairs and beat on the upstairs neighbors door, waking that guest, and causing him to look like a real jerkoff. Then, about 4 minutes after the initial call, I thought it would be funny to call the front desk and pretend I was the guy on the 3rd floor above the inital douche and report a fight on the 2nd floor. Then security would come and those 2 guests would be fighting and the initial douche would probably be evicted. Then security would go up to the 3rd floor and check in with the guest who reported the fight, who actually is also sleeping and who would also be awakened for no good reason. These are the fantasies that I have now because these guests drive me to scenarios where I piss them all off.

Fun huh? Remember I didnt say I did this or I am planning on doing this, I said I think it would be funny. And I do! HA!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

I only have flies, for you

I dunno if you can see what's going on in this pic unless you click it.

But damn, this bitch must smell like a diaper load of shrimp.


So I spoke to a woman yesterday who could not add. I spent about 20 minutes on the phone with her, adding up her 2 payments that she made for her vacation, and then trying to get her to understand that the sum of these 2 numbers equals the total for her room, tax and incidentals. She could not understand it no matter how I explained. Could not. Refused to understand. She finally got frustrated and angry and lashed out at me saying "well fine then I'll just do a chargeback". To which I replied that was fine, we could give her cc company a copy of her signed registration card with her rates clearly noted, and she'd be responsible for the payments. She did not like this. So she calls back today primed to fight. She called while I was on the phone and left a message to call her, which I did. She stated that she had her husband help her and she understands the bill now, but with NO HELP FROM ME. I reminded her that I attempted to explain the bill to her for over 20 minutes yesterday. She stated that I had a bad attitude and was rude to her by saying if she chargeback'ed her stay she would lose. Um, well, you would have! I explained that I had tried to explain the bill to her, and I was only responding to her statement that due to her inability to add, she was not responsible for paying for her vacation. The guest kept wanting to fight but that's not what I'm here for, she stated she comes to the resort with her kids for their dance competition every year and she will not return unless I am terminated. :) I told her I was sorry she felt that way. She wanted my bosses email which I gladly gave her. She stated she was going to post online about me and I'd never get another job again. I thanked her again. I felt like saying hey lady you have no idea what hateful people have said and continue to say about me on the Internet, so do your best but I doubt you can touch the lengths that others have attained! LOL! I told her I was sorry she was so dissatisfied with the service I gave her and wished her a wonderful day, to which she started bitching again, going, "see, this is what I'm talki...." before I disconnected the call. After you say all that shit about me, I'm done. Go to my boss like you said. I'm done with you. And, unless you're going to call DYFUS and the SPCA and any other alphabets (DEA, FBI etc) your sad little Internet posting about how I am so TEH MEAN and I couldn't teach your ignorant ass how to add two numbers to get the sum of your stay.....is not going to affect me. Going to my boss is not going to affect me, as she stands next to me while I try to explain to retards how to do remedial math and tells me how she cannot believe how I can come in daily and continue to do what I do and take the fucking abuse that I take, so again, HAVE AT IT.

Hers was the 2nd threat of my job today. The 1st one was mad that she smoked in a nonsmoking room and we charged her credit card $100.00 due to the extra cleaning her room required. When I explained this to her, she stated that this was bullshit and when I reminded her we were both adults and there was no need to cuss, she stated that she would have my fucking job if she didn't get her money back. I wished her a wonderful day & hung up and thought with that little self control and such a small vocabulary, she really couldn't have my job.

Other than that, I was called a bitch only 3 times today. Once by a lady who wanted to play let's make a deal after she had stayed with us over the weekend and came home and thought about her room rates and figured they were too high. When I told her that she signed for those rates and she agreed for those rates, she cursed me and hung up. The other was a man who wanted his entire stay comped because he got bad directions and ended up in Green Bay (um hello sense of direction? Green Bay is HOURS from us!) and somehow this is OUR fault, I explained I was sorry that his GPS took him so far away, but that I could not refund his over $600.00 stay due to that, and he cursed me. The last one was this snotty bitch who has a bad credit card and owes $138 to the resort for her spa treatments. I called her and let her know that her CC was still declining and she called me a bitch and hung up.

I love my job!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Really good song

This song is strippingly good.

asshole neighbors

I live near some real assholes. I've written about them before. I have been completely avoiding their area of the neighborhood just to prevent any further scream fights and to keep my stress down. Well today I had to go to the library to pick up a movie and the only way there is past their hovel. Well they have a little Jack Russell Terrier who they let run wild. Mr. Ito hates other dogs now in his old age. The little dog runs up to me barking and Mr. Ito gets very protective and he could easily kill the dog so I just don't go near there drug house. I've called the landlord of the apartments before to complain when there was a verbal altercation between me and the fat porch jabba bitch before over this dog. So today I was heading to the library and of course their little dog is out in the yard; no leash. I try to walk past before Mr. Ito notices. I almost make it but the stupid little shit starts running up to me. Mr. Ito goes batshit and in his frenzy he steps on the back of my flipflop causing me to fall and drags me a bit giving me road rash on my arm and knee. I am just trying to not allow him to kill the little dog. His training collar spikes go through the palm of my hand. OUCH. My wrist is all fucked up. The fat bitch is screaming at me and I just walk away. I get home and call the landlord again, who tells me he's evicting them. Goody for you so until then we have to put up with them in the neighborhood? I decide to call the cops, who come out and take my statement. If these fuckers try anything in retribution I will shoot them. I cannot wait until they are out of the neighborhood they trash the joint up with their shitty looking house and their garbage everywhere. Not to mention the drug activity around their unplanned children. They're just generally disgusting humans.

So I am sitting here with a fucked up leg and arm and wrist and I'm sad. I took someVicodin but it's not helping. I must need more, right? :) I've only taken 3 5/325's. I can take one more per doctor's orders for breakthrough pain. This isn't breakthrough pain, this is stupid neighbor pain.

Thats my day, hope yours was better. Stanny brought me a subway for lunch today which was very nice of him. I was so hungry, he must have known. :)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Milk does a Body Good

Yuck why would you drink milk at a theme park? I didn't think they even sold milk at theme parks. Seriously it has to be milk, right?

Funny stuff. I don't like rollercoasters.


I felt awful this morning and did not go to work. Stan gave me a little bit of crap for doing so since I'm not suffering from Ebola or anything other than a generalized sense of I don't feel good. Which I thought was very rude and told him so and now he's barely speaking to me. Which is fine if he's going to be a douche. If he's so worried about money maybe instead of giving me shit about staying home, he should get a job.

I really don't feel like posting other than to say I love this website:


It's not safe for work but it's not hardcore donkey porn or anything.

Well I better get some rest so I can get up and get to work so my husband doesn't divorce me. Shame on me for not feeling well, someone should beat some ethics into me one of these days.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Aw Hell Naw

I feel just about like this right now.


What a busy day. Lots of work at work, and then a doctor's appointment. I have to go get a MRI for my head in the near future to rule out any sort of maybe stroke goings on. I had an incident where my hand refused to work a while back, can't remember if I wrote about it. The neurologist wrote it off as a rogue migraine but my doc wants to be sure. So I get to have a panic fit in the MRI machine, fun!

I went for the main reason of my boob. It's painful as hell and he wanted to rule out another infection. He did. He thinks that I have nerve problems in the boob from all the trauma and surgeries. I don't care what it is I want it to stop. I want to be able to wear a bra without cringing and to roll over onto my stomach without waking up in pain at night. I hate my boob. It is ugly and painful. So he's going to add this to the list for the pain mgmt doctor that I'm going to go see next month. He did not feel any lumps but again that's rather impossible as the boob is now more resembling a piece of chewed gum than a normal tit.

It's 830 and I'm ready to go to bed. I'm such a lazy shitstain of a person.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Hold reeeeaaaalllll still

Stay the fuck off of my lawn and DO NOT cut your eyes at me today. I'm in no mood for your fucking shenanigans, douchebag.


Oh I am disappointed today.

I wanted to go to the Sauk Fair and pet cows and watch cars crash. But noo, we are too poor to do this. WHICH SUCKS LET ME TELL YOU. Dammit. So I guess I will pout and sleep all day.

I'm sitting here watching the cars go by outside the window and I am silently cursing every last one of them to have money to be outside of their house. FUCK ALL OF YOU!!! I hope you have no fun. I hope your air conditioning malfunctions! I hope your car smells bad.

Bastards. I'm jealous and have a terrible case of sour grapes. It looks so pretty outside too. Fuckers.

Eat shit everyone.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Give me your meat, baby.

For Thanksgiving this year I plan on making a meat baby. A tender succulent infant for the family to devour and pull apart and enjoy!


Work was easy today. Not too many idiots, except for one lady who accused me over the phone of being racist. I'm sorry ma'am, this isn't a video phone, I haven't a clue if you're black, white or green, what in the world are you talking about? She hung up. Fun stuff!

I plan on doing jack shit this weekend.

Hope your weekend is going to be as relaxing as mine will be. I got my car to start today and drove it home. Yay, now at least it won't get towed away.

Enjoy your weekend, the only thing that could make mine better is air conditioning.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Have some diabetic oatmeal

This photo is named "Flying Wilford Brimley" in my photos folder.


Man I am one lazy bitch. I would love to go to bed right now. I slept yesterday from about 6pm till 730 the next morning. And I could have slept more. I love sleeping.

Work was tolerable and not too busy. Six hours went quickly. The car would not start after work of course so Stan picked me up and we ran to Walmart where his bank is located. He had overdrawn his account by $5 oops. So he had to pay his fines.

Today is farmers market day, or as it's known around the house, "bone day". Mr. Ito walks up there with us when we shop and he gets a big buffalo bone. But lately there has not been any buffalo bones! Dear God! So he's been getting some beef neck bones. It's really cute he takes the bone from the farmer and carries it home. If we let him he would RUN all the way home. We also got some buffalo for dinner and some local broccoli. There were a bunch of oriental people there, all with the same stuff. I think they're buying this food somewhere else and selling it at the market. Because none of the white or indian farmers have these products and they ALL have the same stuff. Which leads me to believe they are not local nor are these people farmers. I don't think I like that. The whole purpose of the farmers market is to buy local food and be self sustaining within your community. Not driving your van (they all had vans) to Chicago to the big oriental market and stocking up on stuff that you jack the price up and sell to people like you grew it yourself. I know first hand that oriental markets have amazing selections of vegetables that are very, very cheap. They're very good as well. As a matter of fact I had told Stan before back in NJ that the veggies at the oriental market reminded me of farmers market veggies. But whatever that's what freedom of choice is about and we just didn't buy from them.

So I'm waiting for the grill to heat up and for Stan to cook the buffalo. I made chop salad today for the first time in about a year. What is chip salad you ask? Its cherry tomatoes cut in half (2 boxes), 3 avocados cut into small chunks, 2 cucumbers partially peeled so they are striped cut into slices and then cut into 1/2 and 1/4's depending on the size of your cuke, colored peppers (red and orange), 1 container extra firm tofu cut into diced cubes (or purchased cubed), 2 cans of small black olives, 2 cans of green giant white shoepeg corn, 2 cans of black beans. Mix all this together in a huge tupperware container, then add 4 seasons Italian dressing (must be that kind, the kind you mix yourself and do not use white vinegar or apple vinegar, use RED WINE vinegar, and do not use corn or vegetable oil, use extra virgin olive oil). Mix it all up and refrigerate and you have the most perfect food for snacks, as a meal, or with a meal. I could live off this stuff. It's delicious!

:) Happy day!