Friday, August 14, 2009

Happy Friday!

I am happy at least. I got an injection of Marcaine in my boob this afternoon as a trial to see if the radio frequency ablation will kill the pain, and the good news is that it did deaden the pain to an extent for about 5 hours, the bad news is well I had a 2" needle stuffed into my superpainful boob. I wish they woulda just taken the boob when it was all fucked up. What I'm left with is a painful tit that looks like a piece of chewed gum. Frankentit. One of the college interns at work today said I had titty-itis. He's a goof. Most of the interns were worthless but he was the only one who actually worked and didn't call in hungover all the time. I know they'll miss him at the desk, he was very helpful.

It's hot here. Had to put on the AC today. I really can't believe we don't have to put on AC all the time here. Today's what the 3rd or 4th time this summer we've needed it. Crazy. Back east it would have been on since May and woulda stayed on till October. I love a tiny electric bill.

Mr. Ito had a bath last night and he's so soft now. I have to put some Advantix on him tomorrow. He's not had any fleas but damn if I want any either. He was really itchy; last time I bathed him I used Dove body wash because his skin was dry, and it left a terrible residue in his fur and on his skin rather than moisturizing him which I'd hoped for....and so after a bit I had to bath him again, which is why I bathed him last night. He was rather naughty in the tub too. He kept walking forward in the tub till the water knobs were up right in his front legs which made wetting him down difficult, he would not back up and was being generally hard headed. I had to squirt him in the face to remind him that I was the one in charge of this bath thank you. After that horrible embarrassment, he did listen. I bathed him with Suave shampoo & conditioner which I've used on him many times before and seem to work well with cleaning him and conditioning him without leaving residue on his fur or skin. I've tried dog shampoos, they strip his fur and make him too clean and dry and itchy. I've tried my expensive shampoos and conditioners and they leave too much moisture on his skin and fur and he feels dirty and over conditioned in a week not to mention I cringe when I see 1/3 of a bottle of BedHead products being used on my dog. Last time I tried the Dove cream body wash and that was a total disaster. I've tried dishsoap and that was too sudsy and took forever to rinse and stripped his coat and made him itch. I tried the Dr. Bronners which worked okay, but he just didn't feel clean afterwards; a little bit like with the Bed Head stuff, like too much conditioner oddly enough. His fur had a funny slick feel to it. So, for him the Suave is the best and I had a coupon for them and I think they were like $0.14 each or something ridiculous. Tomorrow I will have to take him outside with the rake and pull some of his sheddy ass undercoat out. I pulled so much hair off of him in the tub it was gross. Dog hair doesn't geek me out usually but when it's wet it sticks to your hands which does not make me feel happy at all. I pulled out about 14 handfuls of disgusting wet dog hair out of the tub strainer last night and threw them in the toilet.

I have no plans this weekend.

Maybe I'll get a redbox; I think I have a free code.

The ferrets are all clean, their cages look crazy nice because Stan spent the day working on them. He also set up a great "in case of fire" set up for them.

Happy weekend.


  1. "A painful tit that looks like a piece of chewed gum." I have to see that... I have a morbid fascination with anything that looks deformed... *Drool*

  2. Uh huh. When your toilet backs up - you'll regret that 14 handfulls. The trash, missy, the trash.