Saturday, May 30, 2009

A Letter to our Neighbors

I gave this note to our neighbors today. Too harsh?

Hello Neighbors!
Can we talk about dog poop? I know, gross. I don't like talking about poop either, but I feel like we need to. We all own dogs, and we all know that dogs indeed do poop. Several times daily. It's a fact of dog life. A gross fact, but a fact nonetheless.
The reason for this note is to ask you to join us in keeping the yard clean. I've been cleaning up all the dog poops since we've moved in. Today I cleaned up all of Thunder's poop, as I did a week ago. Is there any way you could please pick up his waste at least daily/every other day? I know you're busy; so are we. But, it's just not healthy to leave dog poop sitting in the grass where your kids and our dog have to walk/play. Especially since Thunder's had some worms in his poops. Summer's coming and poop will attract flies and other bugs, and yuck, those are just as bad as poop itself and I'd like to not have to deal with that.
Gary was here the other day and he did make mention of what a mess the yard was. I don't want troubles with the landlord so can we please work together to keep the backyard clean? Stan likes cutting the grass so that's taken care of, but it's hard for him to do so when the yard is littered with a week's worth of dog poop. He won't pick up dog poop, that was one of the conditions that I agreed to do when we got our dog.
Thank you for understanding, and please do not take this as we are upset; we're not angry or upset at all. We'd just like to get this yard under control and nice looking for the summer and beyond.
Thanks for your time and for your understanding.

Stan & Kim
Your Upstairs Neighbors

I hope it's not too harsh. But then again I am really not too fond of cleaning up after my own dog, much less theirs with its nasty soft poops filled with worms. Gross.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

fuckin children

not literally of course.

but god damn, children are some kind of bummer. You raise them for what, nearly 17 years and you think that although you're pretty sure they hate you, they might have listened to something you've been saying for the last 17 years. Nope. Nope. They know SO MUCH more than you. Well yes now she does. Now she will be in a world I never knew, never wanted to know, and never will be in. Welcome! Please by all means be "too sad" to talk about it, and lets just let this 8000 pound rapist or however the saying goes sit in my motherfucking living room and we'll all just ignore it. Sure, that works great. That might work for your unfinished homework, your lies about where you are and what you're doing...but this doesn't work. IT DOES NOT. We need to talk about this lovely bind you've gotten yourself into this time, as it effects everyone.

But no, she's too sad. TOO SAD.

So am I.

Too sad to say I TOLD YOU SO and too sad to say this is what you get when you act 30.

Oh well. Enjoy your new life. :(

I know I won't and I swear to god 18 cannot get here quickly enough. Because now college is nearly out of the picture, as are many things...but sitting around this house and being sad about your shitty decision making is not a fucking option. Deal with it, move on, and get on with your life. Your life that obviously is so grown up that you don't need us. GO GO GO get out.

It's sad when the only word you can think about how you feel towards your daughter is hate. But there you have it. I hate her right now.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tuesday that feels like Monday

I am all wacked out today; it is Tuesday but it feels like Monday. I was actually busy at work and still have stuff to work on tomorrow, I didn't even get to finish before I had to leave & pickup Heather.

I was very frustrated at work today. The girls at the front desk do the dumbest shit. Someone comes to check in and their credit card is declining. Rather than say Hey this card's not going through, and you owe us $600 to stay here, do you have another? They just give them keys and basically let them stay for free. Then it becomes my problem because I am the collections department of the resort. It frustrates me as that's basically why they're collect money and check people in. I wish someone would give away a vacation to me because they're "too scared" to say something about my bad credit card. Then there's this one girl who is just so slow and so dumb, she attempts to say something and it takes about 4 minutes to even wrap your head around the basic concept of it and then it's like watching paint dry listening to her attempt to explain something. Urgh. I was grumpy today. Because of course it is shark week and I am bitchy.

I am going to sit my ass in the tub for a bit and go watch TV in the bedroom since Stan is watching bad TV out here. Wow, it's already 9 something. How did that happen? Today has flown by, all day.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

So this was a lovely 3 days off from work.

On Saturday Stan and I went to Ixonia where his band played at the Ixonia Pub. It was some guy's birthday and we all hid and yelled surprise when he came in. I haven't a clue who he was but his friends put out some delicious food for him and a lovely cake. :) The band was not hired for his party; they were there to play for the evening after the party but as anyone who knows me knows that I think food that's free and not meant for me tastes the best.

Then on Sunday we went to Mike & Rita's for their holiday party. I ate way too much. I don't like bratwursts, they look like hotdogs but they don't taste like them and everytime I eat one I think it's a hotdog and I am disappointed when it's not. Bummer. But other than that it was a lot of fun, Stan brought a bunch of fireworks and set shit ablaze. Rita's mom took us up to the barn and let us see all the beautiful horses; she raises Morgans & Gypsys. 2 of the mares are due to foal any minute now, and they were grumpy and huge. I walked into the barn and almost lost it, the smell of well maintained barn just took me back so many years that I choked up and started almost crying. I did cry on the ride home explaining to Stan why - he had the same type of experience with Breck shampoo & conditioner (do you believe they still make that?) the other day. Smells bring back such vivid memories to me.

Saturday when we got home Mr. Ito had gotten into Heather's room and shat up the joint. We were gone for about 12 hours so I cannot really blame him, but still, ew. Sunday he was much better and left no gifts for us. Last night when we got home, I was outside walking him and I hear a cat crying. I spot him over at the funeral home, flipping around in the grass on his back and I thought he had been hit and was writhing in pain. I ran the dog back to the house and went over there, thankfully he was fine, he was just doing that weird cat thing where they roll around wanting attention. He came into the sunporch with me, and I fed him, and then he left. He was a very cute little orange tomcat. Very healthy & friendly, probably either someone's pet or a very smart neighborhood beggar cat. It was nice to see him and I'm sure he'll stop back by later. We DO NOT want a pet cat but I enjoy visiting with friendly cats, and that he was.

Today I did a whole bunch of nothing, my back is very sore and I spent the day in bed, napping on & off. I've had some wierd dreams, one of them being a girl from my work was actually my cousin and I took her to Heather's school, and for some reason one of Heather's teachers didn't believe me when I told her who we were and made us stay in the classroom and take a test thinking we were students. Heather then got into (more) trouble at school and I came to the office to talk to the discipline guy (again) only this time he didn't believe me when I told him who I was either and I got into trouble as well and spent my day in the in school suspension area. A combination of my memories of school (ISS) and Heather's bad behaviour lately (discipline guy, skipping school, state police, etc). It was odd. Very odd.

I just cut up a cantaloupe and watermelon for my lunches this week, and we also have some pineapple & peaches, I might make a fruit mix. Yum. Stan made tuna steaks for dinner, just barely braised on the outside and raw on the inside, sort of semi-sushi. I made some couscous to go with, and it was pretty good. My tuna steak was huge and I couldn't eat it all.

That's about it. I'm still in the bed, covered in Lidoderm patches on my back and ass. Sexy I know. :) I've been watching a day long marathon of Land of the Lost, the 1970's version on SciFi all day. I've never seen this show before and it's so cheesy and great. I'm in love with it! The new movie coming out with Will Ferrell looks good, but without the claymation dinosaurs, and the horrible green screen effects, I don't think it will be as campy fun as the original show, of course. But it does look funny. Not funny/good enough to go see at the theatre, but redbox good.

I've taken 2400mg of Ibuprofen today, 40mg of Methadone, and 60mg of Hydrocodone today. I still hurt, even with 4 of these Lidocaine patches on. No fun. I was very active this weekend and I know that's why. I couldn't even bring myself to go around the block with Mr. Ito today, poor guy had to be stuck with going out on the leash in the yard to do his business and no fun today. Don't feel too bad for him, he did get a few big bites of my Tuna before I turned over the remainder that I couldn't eat to Stan. :) I love my dog and my husband, I am a lucky person. I love my daughter, too, but she's been gone all weekend in the Dells since she had to work all weekend it was easier for her to just stay with her friend. She's even staying tonight which will be cool as long as she can find her way to school and stay away from Clayton's. Clayton's is a motel which for some reason allows high school kids to stay there unattended, and her one friend (not the one she's been with over the weekend) lives there with her boyfriend. Classy, no? This place is one of those gross old motels where you park right in front of the room you live in, and they don't rent per night (or by hour, thankfully) but rather by the week and are meant for long term living. I know, like I said, classy! Well her friend's parents allow her to live there with her boyfriend and walk the block to school and Heather just thinks that's the coolest thing since sliced bread. When she skipped school one day she was there....and now she knows that she's not permitted there anymore. God help her if she's found there again. Ah teenagers, they are so wise and all's a sin they don't run the world. LOL

Happy Memorial day to anyone who reads this blog. I doubt anyone does, but hey, it's a free world and anyone's welcome to do so, I'm doing it for myself nowadays.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

My other site

I used to have a great site about ferrets. I had a lot of friends that would frequent the site. Then I moved and felt like everything changed. My friends had to be dealt with on not my terms but someone elses. I felt like nothing was in my control anymore. When I did try to contact my friends on my own, I was told that I was not welcome to call anymore. I had "lost my chance" to remain friends and that everyone hated me now. I had to leave where I was living, one of the reasons being that I wasn't social enough online anymore. It was nuts. I began to hate my website. Others began taking credit for my work. So I removed all my work. I didn't remove the forum where I was now unwelcome. I wouldn't do that. I did remove all my articles, words and opinions. Why? Why not? The person who called herself my "mother" told me that she hated me and that I should just go. So I did. Now everyone is mad about that. I cannot please anyone and honestly at this point I am living on my own and do not have to or care that I cannot. These people all liked me for being me. I am still me. Now they hate me because I'm not what they want of me. I'm sorry but I was never anything but myself. I'm still that person, but if others have convinced you that being me is a bad thing, than think it. Believe what you're told. I will never talk shit about these people who gave us a home. Never. I will always be thankful to my friends who made our move possible. But at the same time, I cannot be forced to be something I am not. I learned a lot about people in the last 2 years, and if you thought I was cynical before, haven't a clue now. People are liars, with false fronts, and horrible skeletons in their closets that you don't know about until you're pulling away from the bony hand that's attempting to draw you into something you never knew and never cared to know, much less be a party to.

This is all very cryptic because like I said I will never say a word of bad about anyone who helped us escape New Jersey. I know it was done with love, but it ended up being more about control in the end, and so now that it's over I hope in time to be able to go back and be friends one day, but my heart tells me that's never going to happen as the controll aspects won't have it that way since it's my way and not theirs. Sad, very sad.

I'm sure soon enough since I will not join in the fight, I will be libeled and lies will be printed or even worse, the truth will be twisted to fit the scene. Oh well. Enjoy. I won't join in.

I hope everyone is happy in their life, and that they can wake up and look at themselves in the mirror and smile and know that you are truly who and what you want to be. If not, trust me, do something about it before it's too late and you lose yourself. It can happen.

So Welcome to Poverty

I work hard at a job I love. Why is it that I never have any money?

I cannot afford to pick up my prescriptions which sucks.

I owe the bank money because it takes them a week to post charges done on my ATM card. The bank sucks. They screw me out of nearly $200 every 2 weeks with charges and overdrafts and fees. Right now I have .88 in the bank and I'm sure by the time my direct deposit shows up on Tuesday night, it will be at -167.42 like it was last time I got paid.

I don't understand finances and I am about to go drop a rubber check on the Walgreens so I can have some tasty Vicodin. Shame I can't also write the check for some smokes, a 12 pack and some snacks. :)

Monday, May 18, 2009

Bargain Shopping

So today I got the coupon inserts from the Sunday paper. Then I did some damage at Walmart.

I bought, and I saved:

Kraft Seven Seas Green Goddess Dressing at $1.58. Coupon $1.50 Total cost = $0.08
Cascade Dishwasher Liquid Rinse Agent at $3.47. Coupon $3.97 Total cost =0.50 profit
Activia 4 pack $2.28. Coupon $1.00 Total cost =$1.28
Suave Deodorant $.97. Coupon $.50 Total cost =$0.47
Lean Pockets $2.00. Coupon $.40 Total cost =$1.60
Schick 12 Pack Disposable Razors $1.97. Coupon $2.00 Total cost=$0.03 profit
Oscar Meyer HotDogs 2/$3.00. Coupon $1.00. Total Cost =$2.00 for 2 packages
Pringles $1.27 per can x2 =$2.58 Coupon $1.00 Total cost =$1.58 for 2 cans

I spent a total of $6.83 for all that food! CRAZY!

I love couponing!

Sunday, May 17, 2009


Today's almost over. We did nothing today, well, Stan did some yardwork outside, and I cut the grass around the building with scissors since we don't have a weed wacker anymore. Lost that in the move, or when I wasn't able to to return to get the rest of my stuff.

Oh well it was good exercise. I am taking a positive mental octopus or at least attempting to do so.

Stan is grilling tonight, got some chicken at the store. I'm so hungry!

It was such a beautiful day today. Truly gorgeous.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Another fun Saturday Night

So, my dear husband's band had a show tonight. I wasn't sure if I was gonna be able to go or not, depending on what Ms. Truancy 2009 was doing. So I decided I'd just stay home since she had to work until 8 tonight. She called her dad right after he left to let him know she'd be staying at a friends house. I know she waited that long just so I would be stuck home waiting on her rotten ass and not be able to go with. She did the same thing on our anniversary. Just basically fucks me over any chance she gets. Eh, whatchagonnado?

Anyway, my husband is out now and won't be back until probably 5am. I told him to wake me up and we will have some pizza! It's so cold in here tonight, but thankfully spring is honestly, I'm as happy as a 40 year old bitch can be. Thanks for suggesting Wisconsin, it's so much more temperate than New Jersey in the winter! HA!