Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Today was also a very nice day. Nobody at all cursed me on the phone. Nobody called me any names. Nobody barked at me. I was able to collect money from a deadbeat who was otherwise going to be turned to the police today.

Honestly if everyday was like today I would be a lot less stressed.

We came home and went food shopping to the tune of $100. I did however sneak a pair of 10kt gold hoop earrings in the cart included in that amount. I also got some FHP for that price too. Chicken breasts, pork loin, salad fixins, rainer cherries, cereal for Stan & for me, cow milk for Stan, soy milk for me, Purple drink for both of us, spaghetti o's, cheese, crackers, pickles, tuna, bbq sauce, 6pk Snapple, corn, pudding, and yogurt. Shit adds up fast. The earrings were on clearance for $5 bucks. They're big ass thin hoops which I don't have yet. I needed them. :)

Tomorrow I want to go clothes shopping at Goodwill. Seasons are changing and I need some interim/fall clothes. I have winter and summer but nothing in between. I need more cardigans and long sleeves.

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