Tuesday, June 30, 2009

So Sexy

Remember when Linday Lohan was a cute girl? Then she got older and she was really a pretty young lady. Then she discovered cocaine and she turned into a gutter whore.

This photo makes it look like someone's smeared diarrhea all over her cheek and temple. I know it's spray tan, but jeez, clean that shit up. It's bad enough that she usually looks like an oompah loompah, but in this picture she looks like the Michael Jackson of Oompah Loompahs, what with the white showing through.

I want to take this poor girl outside in my driveway with the hose and a toilet brush and just scrub her until she's clean. And then bring her inside and give her a sandwich and a shoulder to cry on. She seems like she really needs a friend who will tell her that she's throwing her life down the toilet.


Another swamped busy day at work. It was madness and I had to do something I hate to do which is leave before everything that was thrown at me today was completed. But, we are having a budge crunch and I can't go over my hours. Plus, tomorrow I am not going in, at least not for a full day, most likely not at all. Stan's having abdominal surgery tomorrow and I need to drive him there and back, and then probably stay home and help him out because I'm sure he'll be in some pain. I'm very worried about the surgery, but I can't wait to see how cute his belly will be after it's over!

I wanted to buy steaks for dinner tonight but I just don't have the money to do so. Urgh. Oh well. Whatcha gonna do? Foodbank mac & cheese will have to do. Rent is due again...arrgh! How does this happen so quickly, these months just jet by before you know it.

I'm 100% hooked on the show True Blood. I'm so stoked about season 3. I think I have a tv crush on Vampire Bill and I don't know why. His head is shaped like a shoebox. I think it's the whole southern charm thing, because he has tiny ratlike eyes and a box head. So it must be his tv personna. LOL Tv crushes make me laugh.

Well I'm off to watch some TV and relax since I just took my medicine and I can do that afterwards. I've been having some weird ass dreams lately. Plus I have to have Stan to the hospital down in Baraboo by six thirty in the morning. EW. So fucking early! Bleh.

Monday, June 29, 2009

2nd Picture of the Day

Say hello to Pabst!

He's the first "World's Ugliest Dog" in 5 years that is not a Chinese Crested. Pabst is a boxer mix, and simply gorgeous!

Pabst won $1,600.00 in prize money as well as some dog goodies at the contest that was held this last weekend in Citrus Heights, CA.

Congratulations to Pabst, who I honestly think is just adorable and I want to pinch his face!

Camel Toe of the Day

Okay, this person is named "Solange" which sounds like an expensive brand of pubic wax, doesn't it? Apparently this person is Beyonce's sister. Bey-once and So-lange. Lovely names. It's like they had a tray full of Scrabble letters and made shit up. Anyway this is Solange and she has an amazing rainbow camel toe. It reminds me of that song by Ween called "Homo Rainbow" because this nasty camel twat might turn some boys homo. :)

Seriously you can see her entire snappin gyro, what's the point of wearing pants? My god woman, self respect, look it up.

And what is with the bright yellow wig tape on the side of her face? Am I missing some new ridiculous fashion? It's not a band aid because I know that was something that rappers did some years ago. Or is she going for that Adam Ant indian look? Either way, I am confused.


A lovely day after a lovely weekend. Stan had a show in Watertown on Saturday, which was fun. One of the roadies for the band for some reason showed up with a helmet on his head, and not a motorcycle helmet either, a bright red helmet with a chinstrap, usually worn by a special person. Well he had it on all night and watching him was a blast. LOL People did not know what to think, if he was kidding or if he was really a special person. He played special very well.

Then Sunday came and I did absolutely nothing, spent the day in bed watching tv & sleeping. I know, I know, I'm so exciting.

Today was work, and it was a lot of it. But all in all it was a good day, and I got a lot accomplished.

But as for blogging worthy stuff, no...nothing. So I"ll post a picture that made me laugh earlier. Or maybe 2! :)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Good God Man

This is Marilyn Manson. Remember he used to be a emo, then an androgynous thing with boobs?

Well now he's the poster child for Waffle House. It looks like he favors the strawberry or cherry ones.

What a big bloated mess! I read in his recent Spin article that he was doing coke. I think someone sold him powdered sugar instead, because coke makes you thin, and thin he's not.

I could hole up for winter in those chins!


So today's payday and hooray for that. I can now pay some bills, not as many as I thought since I am still paying for health insurance that I no longer have. This is the 2nd pay period that they've taken nearly $200 from my check for coverage I no longer have. I am pissed and the person in charge of this was "too busy" to talk with me today but told me to come in tomorrow. I really need that money back, it's hundreds of dollars that I could use to live, yanno? Douchebags.

My neighbor's kid got hit by a car today. He was outside playing in the hose when I came home and he's all black & blue and busted up. My neighbors are so poor they couldn't even take him to the doctor. How sad is that? The mom told me that the hospital sued them and now she is afraid to go back. They sued them for nonpayment. That's so fucked up. So then, to make things worse, the cocksmoker who hit the kid, calls the cops and files a complaint against my neighbors because when he hit the boy, the boy's bicycle damaged his car. What kind of fuckwit does that? Seriously. So the cops were here and the boy's mom was a nervous wreck when I saw her, they're young and she has a lot of court fees that aren't paid and probably has a warrant for that, but thankfully nobody checked her and she's still home. Whew. I told her she had to take the kid to the doctor, his knee looked like a fucking eggplant, and she said she would tomorrow when she could drive to another town with another hospital that she doesn't owe money to. :( Fucked up man. What kind of society is this where some fuck runs down a kid and then wants to ticket the mother for damaging his fucking car? A replaceable car vs. a sentient being? Wow.

At work I got screamed at and a very strange opportunity came about with a co worker who's everyone's best friend (but mine) who I busted stealing. Nice huh? I tell the higher ups, one lives with the person, the other's boyfriend does, so I'm sure nothing will happen with that. I wish I could steal money and just be told that it cannot happen again. This place where I work has fired people for a lot less and I find it reprehensible that nothing is being done and if it continues that nothing is done I will take this to upper management and get everyone involved in trouble but I'd honestly rather not do that. I just know that I'm waiting 2 months for a raise that I was told I was getting and still have not, and this bitch is giving herself a raise. Fucked up.

I'm frustrated today because of this. Injustice blows.

I wish it would storm already. None last night and man o man is it freaking hot and humid.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Cute Picture

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and a Sloth

Lookit the sloth's face, he knows you wish you were him. He's smug.


Last night was an interesting one, lets just leave it at that. LOL I have to laugh now when I think of it but shit it wasn't so funny at the time.

Today of course the car wouldn't start because it's so humid out, so Stan drove me to work. It was nice getting a ride but I was a little late. Not that I have a time when I have to be there but I like getting there at 8 because I like having a schedule set up. And work was chaotic and hectic as hell and zipped by, I didn't even take a short break today, it was just swamped busy with stupid people who can't add, and a bunch of people who have bad credit cards...the economy may not be keeping them home but it sure is keeping them from paying their bills! I have to work on that a lot more tomorrow to keep up with all the new ones that come to me daily.

It is so fucking hot here its disgusting. The fat kids that usually are outside screaming and rummaging through my garbage looking for god knows what are not outside, the trashy fat bitch mothers of the trashy fat kids aren't sitting on their fast food wrapper strewn porches, fixing their hair when the drug dealers who live in the same building come out to do a sale, instead they must all be inside watching Springer or whatever it is those people do. I like how I say that like I've never lost an hour watching Springer. LOL. Seriously though, these people don't have air conditioning, why aren't they out on their porch? I'd rather be out on the porch than inside a hot stinky house? OMG if you could see this house, it's such a shit hole, it could make the cover of better hovels and crackhouses magazine. But since the heatwave hit, they've disappeared. Maybe they're hanging out at walmart, sitting on the display couches of the furniture section.

Stan did all the wash today and we organized the bedroom some when I got home. It looks mahvelous! No more plastic bins! I hate plastic bins! I feel like Joan Crawford with NO WIRE HANGERS but seriously I hate theses fucking bins. I will be so happy when NONE are visible in my home.

No word from Heather, other than her friends who texted me threatening to kick my ass if she doesn't pay them money she owes them. Bring it on brats, I will not pay her debts but I surely have some pent up aggression and hatred towards teens in general and I can guarantee I've been in more fights than you have, and I will kick your ass. So I'm hoping this dumb little bitch comes here looking for her money and trouble. She'll get the latter.

Happy Tuesday!

Saturday, June 20, 2009


Last night Stan went back in time to when we lived in NJ and would hang out with Jerry and they'd do lemon drop shooters (vodka, lemon wedge, sugar) and Jerry would overdose on dog tranquilizers that he'd steal from his long suffering wife's workplace. Stan drank a bunch of lemon drop shooters, but abstained from the dog tranquilizers. Which was good because the only time I was around for the dog tranqs we ended up having to call the EMT's for Jerry who I believe also wet his pants that night. Someone peed, and there was just too much drama that night for me to clearly be sure who to point the finger at. Good times, good times....lol

So Stan drinks a bunch of cheap vodka last night, I had one shooter or really about 1/2 a shot of vodka and the lemon/sugar combo. He ended up drunk but happy and asleep by 10. He woke up early like I mean EARLY (yell it bitches) at 530 to set up for his yard-sale-o-rama. And he did, he got up and set up and sold shit. What shit you ask? Well a house down the way got foreclosed upon, and the people had long gone, but they left behind SO MUCH STUFF! So they curbed all the stuff and us being classy us, carted it all away and sold it like it was our own. Cha ching! Free money rocks my socks.

So Stan sat outside all day, I did NOT. I am not friendly to strangers so early like he is. I cannot tolerate people who when you tell them something that's worth $20 is $1, they ask if you will take a quarter...and I feel like giving them 50 cents and escorting them off my lawn. Stan's much nicer. Around 5ish he split to drive 2.5 hours to play some gig near Green Bay. He now carpools with the sound guy who lives somewhere...and the soundguy drove. I was supposed to go but it is just so hot I cannot put on pants. Nope. No pants. It's too hot. I can't see sitting in some dive bar with a bunch of sweaty strangers rubbing up against me. I'm not usually so antisocial, but when it's hot I can't do it. So sound guy drove since he has air conditioning and Stans car doesn't. The reason I wasn't going to go at first before I knew it was hot was because of my 3 in the truck rule. I hate 3 in the truck. I hate it so much. I hate it as much if not more than the cellphone on the belt. It's a weird thing, our truck is big enough to fit 3 in the cab but I just hate it and think it's so hillbilly. So I wouldn't go if soundguy was going so I wouldn't have to ride bitch in the middle of those 2. But soundguy ended up driving his air conditioned van and I coulda sat in the back but no I decided to stay home.

So, I weaseled some $$ from Stan before he left and took Mr. Ito out to dinner. We should have gone to Jimmy Johns but I forgot they have outside seating until I had already told him we were going to KFC. I had a coupon, sue me. We got a busquet (bucket) of chicken for $9. He got a free snacker sandwich from the girl at the drive through because he's so handsome and well mannnered. He was sitting on my lap (this is going to read really strangely if someone's reading this and doesn't realize that Mr. Ito is my German Shepherd) while I was paying and she said Well Hello there! to him and he offered her a hand to shake. What a ladykiller. She thought that was the cutest thing ever and asked if he could have a snacker sammich. Well of course he can! Why do you think I taught him that trick? LOL!! So I brought home the bucket, ate one piece which was absolutely disgusting and wished I ate the damn snacker which looked almost edible. I forget, when did KFC become so disgusting? Seriously, this chicken was so soggy and wiggly it was like they microwaved it to death.

So now there are 9 pieces of chicken in my fridge, and hopefully that will make it taste better. I love cold chicken, much better than warm/hot chicken so hopefully this cold chill will help it become edible. Otherwise drunken Stanley will have something to gnaw on when he gets home at 5am. I love these gigs that are hours and hours away.

SO that's it...that's my day so far. I want to take a nap.

OH OH I did get 2 pyrex tiny square containers with glass lids from the trash that are in RED. They're so old and antiquey and cool, I love them! I love glass containers that I can eat from that have lids. I also got a mug that's so tacky from Washington DC, my hometown that I miss so much. :( It's pink and brown and looks like it's speckled with flung shit, I love it.

I also got a beautiful oak dresser from the garbage. Did I write about that already? I think I did. If not, I did. It's a 6 drawer antique oak dresser and when I was outside cleaning the crayon and cobwebs offa it, 3 people asked if it was for sale. No bitches, I trashpicked this baby and it's mine!!! muhahahaha!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


So today was pretty great. Work was indeed work, and people did call in with stupid questions about not remembering how they spent their money, not knowing how to add or subtract or fill out an expense report, but honestly, it was nice.

I left after 6 hours of fun at work and came home. I'm watching season 3 of Dexter and I really do love this show. I am going to watch one more episode & take a nap. Stan's in the other room playing dream police on his guitar.

I have nothing to add to my life story here today other than another beautiful day has come & gone and it's been nearly what, 48 hours since I've had to look at a person I don't care for, and don't know or care where she is and it's lovely.

I ate salad for lunch today. I got a work gift card and I'm using it to buy food here and there, which is great because w/o it, I would be going hungry.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I cannot teach people to add. I am not licensed to teach. I had a lady just refuse to listen and could not understand simple math. I actually had to transfer her to my boss who could also not teach her math. She thinks we stole $231.06 from her school. We didn't. She's been a thorn in my side since fucking December 2008 when she made the reservation and didn't understand what sales tax was. And this woman is the accountant for a public school system. Scary shit.

Heather's missing again I guess, Stan drove her to "work" at noon, she was supposed to work till 6, I texted her to see if she needed a ride back to her flophouse and shocker amount shockers, no answer. So Stan's not going to waste his time & gas driving to her work only to have her not be there. I guess she feels like she has to lie about where she goes, but honestly we don't care anymore. Can't care anymore, it hurts too much. Plus this whole mysterious thing is so much more exciting!

That was my day in a nutshell, oh except for the trip to the food bank! That's always a bright spot, knowing that no matter how hard you try, you can't afford to feed your family! Yay for poverty! And yay for 2 boxes of rice krispies from the bank, shame I don't have any milk to put on them. Maybe I could use yam juice? Whats up with yams and food banks? :)

Monday, June 15, 2009


So yes it is Monday. I was busy at work because apparently people don't realize that business days are M-F and that does not include Sat & Sun. I got a message from this angry woman all kinds of indignant over the fact that she couldn't BELIEVE that I wasn't in on Saturday at 7:42PM. HOW DARE I?

So after I called back all forty eight messages, taught morons how to add and subtract, before I knew it, it was already time to go. I go out and of course my car won't start. I called Stan who made his 2nd out of 3 trips to the Dells. First was to take Heather back to the PD so she could "add to her statement", and 3rd to go to the Doctor to get scheduled for his surgery on 7/1/09.

So now I feel like doing absolutely nothing. I'm watching TV and watching Heather eat everything we have in the house and bitch that it's not enough and that the selection sucks. Her Dad has not yet told her that she's going to be paying rent since she treats this place as a flophouse and does whatever she pleases. $25 a week sounds fair, she needs to start working rather than laying around the house eating everything. I really detest her. I cannot wait until she is no longer here. She's so gross, she's not changed her bed since we moved, she's not done laundry...and before anyone says oh you're terrible you should do it for her, NO I SHOULDN'T. She's almost seventeen, if she can't do it herself now, what's the point of me doing it for her other than enabling her laziness? Seriously. The time for "oh poor little Heather" has come & gone. Buck up and pull your own weight. I don't have money for the laundromat, I have to wash clothes in the bathtub, and it sucks but I have clean underpants, and that's the bottom line. We have soap, we have softener, the only missing ingredient is desire and drive. They've been long missing from her personality.

I'm done talking about her until she gets arrested again, or leaves, just imagine her laying around like the lady of leisure she is, eating all the food, stealing my medicine and money, and bitching because it's "not enough". It never is. We never are good enough for the princess. I'm tired of caring and trying.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Again with the cops

We got another call this morning to come get Heather from the cops.


This time she was wandering around town drunk and partially dressed at 730am. Classy! They took her to the hospital with alcohol poisoning. She will be getting a ticket for this one, which she probably won't pay and Stan will get into trouble.

I told her when she got home that I would prefer if she moved out. She failed school this year, she's forever in trouble with school, cops or other people, and I don't feel like I can deal with it anymore and I don't think it's fair that we have to. We've tried to be good parents but she has turned into a shit of a person who I cannot stand anymore, and I'm tired of being held responsible for her actions when she lies to us about where she is and refuses to do anything but what she wants to do. Seriously, what can I do other than tie her to a radiator? We ground her, she leaves when we sleep. Stan drives her to school she walks in the front door and walks out the side door after he leaves. We come to pick her up from school and she's not there. She lies about EVERYTHING. I cannot control her. Nobody can, she's too big to punish anymore other than doing things like physically restraining her which are also illegal. So we have a chronically truant, underage drinking, smoking & drugging child who refuses to listen or stop, and we are thisclose to getting in trouble because she's out of control and we can't stop her.

She's almost 17 now and she can move out early. She has all the answers so please, by all means, go live your life the way you want to, in a weekly rate no tell motel, where you lie to us to go hang out in and cry when the cops drag you out of there, only to return when they release you. HAVE FUN. This is not the way I raised you and these are not the values that I tried so hard to instill in you, so just go since you're so miserable here, and you make me sick to look at.

She sucks and I wish her mother would come and get her. She had the right idea leaving her....I guess I'm too stupid to even realize what that dumb cunt could see clearly. Shame nobody knows where the bitch is or I am pretty sure Stan would drive her to go and live with her. What a pair those 2 would be! LOL

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


So yeah, today I found out that I qualify for state insurance which is simply wonderful since I cannot afford my current insurance. I can afford the premium that comes out of my paycheck, it's $93.78 per week. I can afford the copay of $30.00 per visit. I can afford the co-pay for prescriptions which is $10.00 for generics for a 30 day supply, and 40% of the charge for brand name. I can afford the co-pay for emergency room visits, which is $75.00. I can afford the co-pay for MRI's which is $75.00 for regular, and $300.00 for open. (Okay I can't afford the open). I can afford the co-pay for bloodwork which is $10.00 per test.

What I cannot afford is all of the above all at once, which is what I was stuck with last week. I had to cancel the MRI and MRA and the blood tests due to the fact that right now my net worth is $-87.43. I get my direct deposit tomorrow but due to missing a week of work it will probably be ridiculously low. Also I will still be paying premiums on my insurance because oopsie HR forgot to remove the premiums as of 6/1/2009, but they surely canceled my insurance at that point. They'll see if they can reimburse me next pay period (2 weeks away) :( So I don't think I will have enough to pay my portion of the rent so here we go again back on the road to eviction, and that never ending sick feeling in my stomach of not knowing that I have a secure place to live. I've had that same sick feeling since 2005. Yes for four years I have not had a secure place to live that a day did not go by that I didn't fear someone lording over me telling me to get the fuck out. I have had a couple months here in this house feeling good about things, but I guess 2 months or so is all I get. Which sucks because I have found that sleeping at night is a good thing, and knowing that you're not going to get tossed out on your ass makes it a lot easier to sleep at night. I hate knowing that if I get sick (or I should say WHEN I get sick) that everything goes down the drain.

So my good news is that I have this new state insurance. The co-pays for this are $1.00 to $3.00 for prescriptions, office visit co-pays, and best of all, NO PREMIUMS DUE!!!! YAY!!! My usual monthly prescription costs of $95 have now been cut down to $8.00. EIGHT BUCKS. Amazing. I am in awe that I could get this. It makes the bummer of not getting food stamps a little better. Not to mention that when I was at the office I got a list of food banks where I can go pickup free food rather than just go without. It's good to have options. Going hungry to me really isn't one. Oh this insurance also covers eyeglasses and dentists. Maybe I could get this giant hole in my tooth filled in? Who knows! Maybe I could get my teeth cleaned for the first time since 1986.

Well Hello Barb

I see my journal has been located.

I do not understand.

The last time I called you, you stated that at first you didn't know who I was, then you stated that you had nothing to say to me. I wished you well and that was that.

So now you are acting like you didn't do this?

I'm confused and since I was driving in the car fresh out of work when we had this conversation, so I'm pretty sure I wasn't drunk.

The main piece of information I took from that conversation was that you no longer wanted to be my friend. I know I am not reading more into this.

I pretend like it doesn't hurt but it does. But I've had some months to get used to the fact that you don't like me. And I know, probably better than most, what happens when you don't like someone. Nobody likes that someone. So before I became a laughing stock like Lynn Love, Vicky Edinger, Vicky Rummel, etc, etc that I would just remove myself from the scene. Do you blame me?

Thursday, June 4, 2009


Where the hell did my vibrator make off to? I have not seen it since the move.

I miss it. I got it in Atlanta, Georgia when I was there for the Ferret Symposium back in 2003? or 2005? It was a while ago. I bought Stan a little orange bong at the same store. That was back when I was still considered "cool" an was allowed to hang out with ferret people. Now I have been blacklisted from my old friends because well, I'm not exactly sure but that's a story for another day.

I was looking around today for a replacement. I found this one which seems nice enough and cheap. This may be TMI but they don't go in, they just go on, if you get my drift.

I miss my old one. I wonder where in the world it is, just sitting there, unused, waiting for someone to use it, bored, batteries getting old and eventually leaking in it. I worry about things like this because I think I must be crazy. I have anthropomorphism for the strangest things. I still am stuck on a tiny plastic Doberman Pinscher toy that I had when we were in Italy, I had a bunch of plastic dogs in an unfinished building that I was playing in, and I was playing in a pile of sand, and somehow the Doberman got lost in the sand. I obsessed over this little plastic toy for the remainder of my stay there, years. I would go to that sand pile and filter through the sand looking for that dog, thinking he was sad and lonely and waiting for me come rescue him. I still feel a pang of guilt when I think of him now. I am pretty sure I need medication.

I did not go to work today and I took medicine that was not prescribed for me for recreational purposes. I did this because I feel bad, sick bad and being in an altered state is pleasant. It takes me out of my current sad real life and takes me to another state of mind, where I am happy and I don't dwell on negativity. I like it, I've always liked it, that's why I'm a junkie and I always will be one. And because well, getting high is fun. I enjoy the nods. It was there, it was free, and why not? I'm not a bad person so stop looking at me like that.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Hello Wednesday

Today I spent the bulk of my day at the doctor's. Neurologist wants a million tests that even with insurance i cannot afford. Great. Right now I have on a heart monitor which is severely reminding me of the wound vac. It's funny how easy it was to slip back into the feeling of having a bunch of wires/tubes coming out of my shirt and going to a small box that I have to carry with me EVERYWHERE. It's like second nature, I guess those 5 months of tit vacuum really ingrained themselves into my mind.

Dr. Neurologist thinks it was something started by a migraine rather than an actual stroke or TIA. Seems plausible. So just to be sure since this is my brain we're talking about, I get a MRI, MRA, Echo cardiogram, some other heart gram, and about 30 different blood tests since I do not know my family history. I may go do that tomorrow AM but I cannot eat or drink from midnight onwards. No biggie I don't eat that late anyhow.

So after my blood tests, I am going to go to work. This blog is boring. Les spice it up a bit. When I had migraines back in the 90's I was ingesting a huge amount of drugs. I told the doctor this, and he was like what kind of drugs? I answered yes. LOL I was doing everything from cocaine to barbiturates to heroin. Once I stopped the constant partying and moved from DC to NJ, the headaches went away. I mean completely just stopped. They had plagued me for years too, crippling blinding headaches that really interfered with my life. I really hope they don't come back.

Night night.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Oh fun

Today we had to go to the county to apply for Heather's health insurance and to see if I could get health insurance, and I might be able to. Yay! I need to find out what percentage my company pays towards the insurance. If it's under 80%, I can. If it's over 80%, I can, but I get penalized for 3 months meaning I will be uninsured for 3 months. Risky, but I just need to figure out if it's worth $190 a month savings to be uninsured for 3 months. I'll see.

Then we drove home and I went off to work. I was driving to the highway and I went to do something with my right hand. I tried to move it, and it was dead. Nothin. I thought to it again, move! It refused. Then this blinding headache hits me so hard I was just swimming in my head. I started getting really out of it, and finally my hand starts cooperating and moving when I think it to move, and then I am just confused. I remember thinking I should call Stan. I did and I don't remember anything past that for about 10 minutes when I was driving (yes I know scary) through a wayside which is like a rest stop but without any food or gas. I pull my shit together and drive home and Stan's rather freaked out because oddly enough he was listening to NPR that morning and they were discussing strokes. So he rushes me to the hospital where I get a head CT and a bunch of blood tests and fall asleep for a while. The doctor with the ponytail stated that everything looked "ok" on the tests but he was not sure what is going on and I need to go to see a neurologist right away tomorrow morning. He gave me a Plavix pill and sent me home. Stan took me to Pierces and I got a nice salad bar salad that I was craving and we came home.

So that's my day. Fun stuff, no? Yeah I know, no. Oh when I got home I pulled the 27 messages off my work voice mail and transposed them into an email to my bosses to help get them answered. I hope they do it. I won't be in tomorrow either. :(

Monday, June 1, 2009


I found out that I am getting the Employee of the Month for May. :) Yay.

I get a lunch at work, and a free stay in the resort, and $100. Oh and a kickass parking space.

Not too bad for someone who is considered such a piece of shit, eh?

This makes me very happy. I actually love my job and I love going there, I love my coworkers and I love our guests (for the most part). My job is rewarding, enjoyable, and not at all boring. Every day is different.

Tomorrow I have an appointment at Social Services to try and get some financial aid. I cannot afford to live without help. We either can pay our bills or eat. Heather has no health insurance and the school is barking about her having shots. I can't afford shots! I can't afford anything. So we're gonna try for some utilities assistance, insurance and food stamps.

Wish me luck. It's either this or back to the food bank.