Thursday, August 6, 2009


Today was awful at work. I am seriously thinking of leaving. I actually love my job, what I do is different every day, challenging and enjoyable for me. What is NOT enjoyable is having co-workers who don't do, or sometimes even know their job. ie; a front desk clerk who checks someone into their room and doesn't bother to collect money. Then I get yelled at because the overdue balance account is high. Well hello there boss, maybe if your untrained apes at the front desk could possibly remember to ask for money, it wouldn't be. My co-workers for the most part are very nice, but nice doesn't always cut it. Our new manager is so scatterbrained and does not follow up on anything she is asked to do. If I don't do it for her when I see its left unfinished, I'm "not supporting her". Supporting someone and doing their job for them are 2 different animals. Also, my annual review was due in April. I have not received it nor have I received my annual raise. Which is bullshit. I work hard and I deserve my raise. So, today after coming in to a statement where a guest had over $1,200.00 refunded back to her credit card for no reason whatsoever by one of the front desk girls, and now the credit card is not only declining, but SHUT OFF, we are fucked for that money and I refuse to take ownership of this mess. And I said as much today. I'm sorry but the front desk associate who is responsible for this mess should be held accountable for either tracking down the person she gave the money to, or for repaying the resort the money. I just feel like I am getting burned out and that I cannot advance or be further compensated than I am right now. My morale is shit down the toilet, and I am getting mixed messages from my employers; I am employee of the month, yet I cannot have or is it deserve? a raise and review? Don't think I haven't asked. Nobody claims to "know". Well I know and what I know is that you are making me not want to show up and give the 100% which I give daily. Which sucks because I know I am a good employee.

So, I spent this afternoon filling out applications online at different locales, doing different things. I'd like to work somewhere besides hospitality, where everyone has that horrible entitlement way about them.

Stans truck is broken I went to drive it to go to the store and the brake light was on, and the brakes didn't work so well. He came out and looked at it and there's brake juice all over the driveway. I think he was trying to kill me but the light came on too soon. Oh well sorry about that, keep trying. Divorce is cheaper than a trial honey. Since my car cannot be trusted to start, I am stuck at home and I really wanted to go looking at the store. Not shopping, just looking. Oh well I guess this means I'll be stuck home all weekend too. Stan's got a show tomorrow and he's going to try and get his truck towed down to that area so his friend can work on it, and that means he'll be staying down there all weekend. At least there's a soda machine at the gas station down the way, I won't die of starvation. ha ha! I was going to go with him tomorrow but I said if tomorrow at work is anything like today was I'll be in too shitty of a mood and won't wanna go. But now with him needing to spend the weekend down there, I can't go because of the beasties here, I'll need to take care of them. Which makes my decision to go or not to go a lot easier.

Okay I'm off to do some bathtub laundry. Did I mention how classy I am? Actually I think I get the clothes cleaner in the tub, as I soak them for an hour and then scrub each piece by hand. So there. I may be poor and gross and friendless and deserving of hate, but at least I'm clean.

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