Thursday, July 23, 2009


I apparently went to work on Tuesday just as wasted as i was on Monday. I have no recollection of Monday or Tuesday. Hooray for drugs!

I am feeling more like myself today but I am still just exhausted. I could nap until tomorrow morning, but that's not really a nap is it? :)

Yesterday I had a bitchy woman call and complain that the Mobil gas station down the street overcharged her $.30 per gallon when she was here and what did I plan on doing for her? Um, give you the number to the Mobil station perhaps? Oh, that's it? Yes, I don't work for Mobil. Well you obviously own the station, it's on the property. Not to be difficult ma'am, but it's actually not on the property and we do not own it and there's nothing I can honestly do to assist you with the Mobil station. Well, that just goes to show what terrible customer service your resort gives! I will NEVER come back! :click:

People, gotta love em. On a good note today I did collect over $600 in deadbeat money.

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