Monday, August 17, 2009


I was so busy at work today the day just flew by. Crazy. My day was pretty nice all in all, nobody was particularly rude or aggressive today. However, I did get one message of a dog barking. Just a dog barking over & over & over. No words, just bark. I did forward that one to my manager who is kinda stuffy but still nice, just reserved, that's a better descriptive of him. I forwarded it with the message that a guest was very angry and asked for him by name. LOL he laughed. Which is saying a lot for him.

Stan's making chicken on the bbq for dinner and I am hungry. I ate cereal this morning for breakfast, and that's all I've eaten today. I did pick at some of those strawberry wheat square cereal during lunchtime. They fill you up like packing peanuts in a box.

I am also exhaustedly tired. I mean I could close my eyes and I would be asleep in seconds.

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