Wednesday, July 15, 2009

asshole neighbors

I live near some real assholes. I've written about them before. I have been completely avoiding their area of the neighborhood just to prevent any further scream fights and to keep my stress down. Well today I had to go to the library to pick up a movie and the only way there is past their hovel. Well they have a little Jack Russell Terrier who they let run wild. Mr. Ito hates other dogs now in his old age. The little dog runs up to me barking and Mr. Ito gets very protective and he could easily kill the dog so I just don't go near there drug house. I've called the landlord of the apartments before to complain when there was a verbal altercation between me and the fat porch jabba bitch before over this dog. So today I was heading to the library and of course their little dog is out in the yard; no leash. I try to walk past before Mr. Ito notices. I almost make it but the stupid little shit starts running up to me. Mr. Ito goes batshit and in his frenzy he steps on the back of my flipflop causing me to fall and drags me a bit giving me road rash on my arm and knee. I am just trying to not allow him to kill the little dog. His training collar spikes go through the palm of my hand. OUCH. My wrist is all fucked up. The fat bitch is screaming at me and I just walk away. I get home and call the landlord again, who tells me he's evicting them. Goody for you so until then we have to put up with them in the neighborhood? I decide to call the cops, who come out and take my statement. If these fuckers try anything in retribution I will shoot them. I cannot wait until they are out of the neighborhood they trash the joint up with their shitty looking house and their garbage everywhere. Not to mention the drug activity around their unplanned children. They're just generally disgusting humans.

So I am sitting here with a fucked up leg and arm and wrist and I'm sad. I took someVicodin but it's not helping. I must need more, right? :) I've only taken 3 5/325's. I can take one more per doctor's orders for breakthrough pain. This isn't breakthrough pain, this is stupid neighbor pain.

Thats my day, hope yours was better. Stanny brought me a subway for lunch today which was very nice of him. I was so hungry, he must have known. :)

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