Monday, August 3, 2009


Wow today was a busy day. I did however find out that I got employee of the month again. Really? I honestly can't believe it. I do work hard at work but I don't think I deserve it 2x.

It's hot here. Today's the 2nd day with AC on for the summer. It's probably cool enough out now, but it's a pain in the ass to take out the unit from the window. So it'll stay until whenever Stan takes it out.

Nothing much honestly to discuss, just had a normal day, my car won't start, and if it doesn't start tomorrow I don't know what I'll do since Stan has places to go and things to do and I can't use his truck. And I have to go to work tomorrow since on Wednesday I have to leave early due to my visit to the Neurologist to find out if I had a stroke or if I have a brain tumor or what the fuck is going on with my hands.

I got my skin-it today that I saved up coke points for. It's cute and looks adorable on my computer. I love getting free stuff for picking soda caps out of the garbage at work. :)

Also I got a shit ton of magazines. I keep taking them to work to give them away but I am thinking of taking them to my doctors office since their magazine selection is very painfully bad.

Maybe tomorrow I will feel like dressing. Today I did not feel up to it and wore a pullover shirt with a pull up skirt and fancy flip flops. I looked okay but I feel like I should look BAM good since I am the only one in my dept allowed to wear regular clothes that I buy and choose. That's a big responsibility and I don't need to look like I'm in jammies, yanno? Thankfully the GM is out in Sandusky, Ohio and was not in today. The MOD was my friend and he wouldn't care if I came in there in sweats, as long as he didn't have to deal with the people that I do, he'd be happy. But the GM will be back eventually and I need to get out of this bum slump that I've been in lately. Shopping usually cures that, and payday is Wednesday, so maybe I can afford a trip to my own personal Macys (aka the Goodwill) this week. I'll have to talk to my personal banker, Stan to make sure I can swing a trip. Its been about a month since I went.

Happy Monday! I can't wait to watch the new True Blood, but I'm holding out for a night when I'm more awake.

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