Monday, July 20, 2009

I am so wasted my god they gave me 2 tinyp ills o keep me sane in the mri tube. i honeslty dont reneber athing aand am so waseted its not eve n funny. Its also stans birthday so we had steaks and sea cucuarachas. MMM mmmthey were really good.

im going to bed but stans gotta check me cuz the combo of benzodizepans and my daily methaedone and the hosptial injectable stufff theres a channce i could stop breathing. Whats hat? I hear someone yelling hold your breath! thats not very nice, you must have some infectious fish tacos adhered to your labia and feel the need to lash out at me who is not a whore but still manages to hafe fun so pfffffffffffffffffbbbbtttttttttttttttttt I wish you big fzcial blemishes andsmellly unerpants cotdches .

If I had a genie I would wish for 36 million dollars in non-marked bills, tax free, not stolen from anyone else, that is mine legally and forever. And when I spent $1, I would then make $2. Everyday for the resto fo my natural ife. That would be what i aske for me, I'd also ask that all pets had GREAT homes that loved and cheristed them. and that they'red be no more mistreated or homeless pets. I'd insititute a licensing program for all would be parents and have them all checked out (mentally, intellgently, housewise, finances)and see if they'd be fit parents. If not, there would be easily enough if they actually TRIED steps to take so they could learn to be the parent their kid wants and needs. If they don't wanna do that, the infertile people would have theses children to choose from as children who need to be adopted.

That's if I had a 3 wish genie.

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