Friday, July 24, 2009


Oh my god I am so happy I don't have to work tomorrow. This week has been so surreal what with Monday being completely lost to medication, and Tuesday the same, somehow even with those 2 days being so weird, the week seemed to go on forever and ever.

So work today was actually good. People were nice and human on the phone, a coworker who I found out a while ago was stealing was shitcanned today, and my coworkers made me smile & laugh. My one coworker who is usually kind of stuffy and uptight was on some muscle relaxers and pain pills and was hilarious, probably like I was on Tuesday. LOL She said the funniest thing today, this pushy foreigner had called and was bitching because they paid to use the waterparks and it was lightning outside so they closed the outdoor park, and they wanted their money back (mind you there's a 125K square foot indoor park that was open) and we told them no, and after they hung up she says "the kosher pool is closed!" and it just made no sense, but she said it with such conviction it was hilarious.

Stan and I went to the Goodwill after work and I got 2 outfits one with matching shoes and everything. Now I have a reason to look forward to work on Monday. :) All for $20.00.

I plan on vegetating this weekend too. My sister is coming next weekend, and I do need to clean the house but oh how fun it sounds to sleep.

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