Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Last night was an interesting one, lets just leave it at that. LOL I have to laugh now when I think of it but shit it wasn't so funny at the time.

Today of course the car wouldn't start because it's so humid out, so Stan drove me to work. It was nice getting a ride but I was a little late. Not that I have a time when I have to be there but I like getting there at 8 because I like having a schedule set up. And work was chaotic and hectic as hell and zipped by, I didn't even take a short break today, it was just swamped busy with stupid people who can't add, and a bunch of people who have bad credit cards...the economy may not be keeping them home but it sure is keeping them from paying their bills! I have to work on that a lot more tomorrow to keep up with all the new ones that come to me daily.

It is so fucking hot here its disgusting. The fat kids that usually are outside screaming and rummaging through my garbage looking for god knows what are not outside, the trashy fat bitch mothers of the trashy fat kids aren't sitting on their fast food wrapper strewn porches, fixing their hair when the drug dealers who live in the same building come out to do a sale, instead they must all be inside watching Springer or whatever it is those people do. I like how I say that like I've never lost an hour watching Springer. LOL. Seriously though, these people don't have air conditioning, why aren't they out on their porch? I'd rather be out on the porch than inside a hot stinky house? OMG if you could see this house, it's such a shit hole, it could make the cover of better hovels and crackhouses magazine. But since the heatwave hit, they've disappeared. Maybe they're hanging out at walmart, sitting on the display couches of the furniture section.

Stan did all the wash today and we organized the bedroom some when I got home. It looks mahvelous! No more plastic bins! I hate plastic bins! I feel like Joan Crawford with NO WIRE HANGERS but seriously I hate theses fucking bins. I will be so happy when NONE are visible in my home.

No word from Heather, other than her friends who texted me threatening to kick my ass if she doesn't pay them money she owes them. Bring it on brats, I will not pay her debts but I surely have some pent up aggression and hatred towards teens in general and I can guarantee I've been in more fights than you have, and I will kick your ass. So I'm hoping this dumb little bitch comes here looking for her money and trouble. She'll get the latter.

Happy Tuesday!

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