Thursday, July 30, 2009


Today was a very nice day. I wore my new fragrance to work and 4 people commented positively on it today. I think I have the correct spray amount down now. :)

Stan's making turkey burgers for dinner and they smell delicious. The dog is being naughty and getting in trouble, he's puked all over the house and he's being super clingy and following Stan all over the house and if you knew the size of our house you would understand why this is so ridiculous. I think he gorged on a neck bone and that caused him to vomit because earlier I did see him with a bone in his mouth.

I watched the latest True Blood this afternoon and OMG I cannot wait until next week! That show is so great, I dare say I enjoy it as much as I enjoyed the Sopranos back in the day. This last Sunday's show was so action packed and left so many strings untied that I am anxious to see next week's episode. SPOILERS : How will Jason save Sookie from the basement of the church? Will her fake fiancee make it out alive? What's up with the bloodstained lot that Eggs to Tara to during their ride to the hardware store? And whats up with Marianne and not getting a shower? Is she powered by water? Whats up with the PIG? I hate Lorena but will she release Bill in time to go save Sookie, or will ESCANDALO Bill give in to their history and take back up with her? Or will she get Sookie for Eric who confessed he wanted her from Bill? Why does Pam want Lafayette to sell V again? When is Lafayette gonna get his groove back? You know it's bad when Andy can tell you've lost your groove. Is Daphne going to have Sam stabbed to death at the orgy hosted by Maryann with a bull mask and a dagger? Oh the questions!!!

I like watching series each week, but honestly I love watching them all at once on a DVD. I have no patience and I don't like waiting for Monday's or later to watch the show. I wish I could just sit down and watch the entire series like I did with all the Dexter series. I would even watch them out of order when the library delivered them out of order. LOL but still, it was better than the anticipation of watching weekly.

So tomorrow is Friday and I hope it's decent at work. If I can get one more of my deadbeats to pay up I will get a gas card for a bonus, it was a challenge put on me to collect x amount of money by one of my managers who didn't think I could collect $5K in a week. I was only in four days this week, too, and I'm right only a bit under $200 away from doing this. I hope I can get it done tomorrow, I have good luck getting debit cards to go through on Fridays since people get direct deposit on Fridays. Here's hoping, I could use a free fifty dollar bonus.

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