Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Oh what a shit day today was. I should have known yesterday was too good to be true.

Today started with the neurologist appointment. That went pretty well but from that point on everything went to shit. I get in to work for the operator saying, "oh she's here now, hold on". Then she gets pissy with me saying there's a call for me. I told her fine send her to my voice mail I haven't even turned on the computer or sat down yet. She says no this lady has been calling all morning and won't leave a message. Well if she won't leave a message it must not be that important. Send her to my voice mail. The operator gets attitude with me and starts bitching and whining to the point where I say FINE and answer the call. The first thing out of this lady's mouth is "Okay bitch, you listen to me..." and with that I slam the phone down and tell the operator that yes now I have spoken with her, is everyone happy now?? I don't understand how an operator can take orders about how she's going to route a call from the person on the other end. My voicemail clearly stated I would be in at 2pm and I was there 2 hours early. Leave a fucking message. And when you do get to speak to someone who is 2 hours early to work, don't let the 2nd word out of your mouth be insulting and rude. They'll slam the phone down on your ass.

The rest of the day went about the same as the first call, a man threatened to come back to the resort and "straighten out is bill on my ass", then called me a motherfucker and also got hung up on, another bitch who can't add called and told me I was purposely and personally 'fucking up her bank account', when I asked her please not to cuss at me when I'm trying to assist her, she decided the proper answer to this request would be to go, "oh for fucks sake" and I hung up on her ass too. I was/am in no mood to deal with entitlement whores who expect me to figure out their personal finances and be abused while doing so. The man who called me the antichrist last week called again today and I just laughed and deleted his message. Yeah, sorry, just no dude, no. I'm not going to call you back for more abuse. I did tell my manager who he also called the antichrist about his call and she laughed and told me to delete it. We had a good laugh because I already had.

My health company (the mega-lo corporation of all the different doctors, surgeons, ect) is starting up a new weight loss program. I was all excited and wanted to join it, it had group meetings, a low calorie meal plan, medication if needed and surgery if needed. Well I just looked at the website and of course it's in fucking Madison. I am not driving that far to go sit around with a bunch of other fatasses and feel bad about myself. I would do this if I didn't have to drive 45 minutes each way. Dammit. See this is just how my day is going.

I'm thinking of going to bed and starting over fresh tomorrow. One highlight of today is that I looked fierce in my black asymmetrical hem skirt, a cute purple/violet design dyed shirt, and my black slingbacks. Oh I had to cover my arm shame with a sweater while in the pubic (typo but it stays) eye. Rowr! I love getting dressed in a way that makes me feel a little bit better about myself. I matched my eyes to the shirt and shimmered away with the MAC stuff my sissy bought me. :) I'm trying to grow my eyelashes and I am so tempted to try the new medical drops that are supposed to help with this. In the meantime I am using a topical brush on stuff. I honestly don't even know if I need this stuff, but you gotta admit having big fluffy no mascara needed brushable eyelashes is a great thing! Oh well enough of me being vain.

The one other shining spot of the day was the delicious dinner that Stan made. mussels (first time we've ever had those since moving to WI), NY Strip steaks on the grill and yummy local asparagus with hollandaise sauce. Yum! Man it was good. I could not finish it and I am still thinking of going to sleep now so I can wake up earlier eat the rest of it for breakfast. Thank you so much Schtanley!

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