Saturday, July 18, 2009


I think if I were independently wealthy I would be so sloth-like. My Saturdays are the epitome of leisure. My most tiresome activity today was vacuuming. My dog sheds so much I want to shave him. But I think a bald german shepherd would just look sickly and nobody would want to pet him and tell him how pretty he is when we go for walks.

We did go to a couple yard sales today, I got a duvet set for the bed and a gorgeous antique silk table runner with japanese embroidery all over it. It is so pretty and it was $3. Yay! Also we went to Walgreens and I got some hair dye for my latest big idea about what the fuck I am going to do with the mop of hair on my head. I was almost thisclose to cutting it the other day and Stan was like if you cut it, you'll hate it and I don't wanna hear about it when you're all pissed off after you do something stupid. He's right it's taken me so long to grow my hair this long and it can look decent if I try, so I'm going to do some creative bleaching and see if I like it. Kind of a a Cruella DeVille look. Stan didn't want to go inside the Walgreens because his toes are still painted from when he was laid up in the bed after his surgery. They're not pink or anything they have a clear coat with small red hearts and glitter mixed in. Barely noticeable and really who's going to dare say something to the guy who looks like this and has pretty pink hearts on his toes? Seriously!

So yeah that was my day. Now I am sitting in bed typing and watching QVC and wishing I had some money because they have Philosophy stuff on there. Did you know that QVC has Tacori jewelery? THEY DO! I was shocked because that has got to be one of my favorite brands of jewelery ever. And a lot of it is in platinum plated silver which is really affordable. Love it! I like watching QVC sometimes when I want to shop but don't want to put on pants. That should be their new logo, right?

Tomorrow we are going to go to the range and go shooting. I have not been shooting in forever and am kind of excited. I want to bring some fun targets like helium balloons and stuff that explodes when you hit it, maybe some water balloons with red water inside to get some of my anger out. I wonder if we'll bring Mr. Ito.

Oh man they have watermelon bath gel on tv. That sounds so great doesn't it? They discontinued the bath gel I was using at Walgreens. It was called Breathe Easy and had menthol and spearmint in it and smelled so great and tingled when you used it. The ladies on TV are saying this stuff smells like Jolly Rancher and now I want it really bad. DAMN the fact that I am poor! Oh well. If I were rich I'd have so much bath and body and cosmetics stuff it would be ridiculous.

Heather stopped by today to pick up clothes. I didn't even see her and she didn't even tell her dad to tell me to drop fucking dead. I cannot wait until she doesn't come by for clothes or for money or for anything anymore. She's really pissed me off I think to the point of no return. It will take some serious changing on her end, or a lot of time for me to feel differently.

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