Thursday, July 16, 2009


So I spoke to a woman yesterday who could not add. I spent about 20 minutes on the phone with her, adding up her 2 payments that she made for her vacation, and then trying to get her to understand that the sum of these 2 numbers equals the total for her room, tax and incidentals. She could not understand it no matter how I explained. Could not. Refused to understand. She finally got frustrated and angry and lashed out at me saying "well fine then I'll just do a chargeback". To which I replied that was fine, we could give her cc company a copy of her signed registration card with her rates clearly noted, and she'd be responsible for the payments. She did not like this. So she calls back today primed to fight. She called while I was on the phone and left a message to call her, which I did. She stated that she had her husband help her and she understands the bill now, but with NO HELP FROM ME. I reminded her that I attempted to explain the bill to her for over 20 minutes yesterday. She stated that I had a bad attitude and was rude to her by saying if she chargeback'ed her stay she would lose. Um, well, you would have! I explained that I had tried to explain the bill to her, and I was only responding to her statement that due to her inability to add, she was not responsible for paying for her vacation. The guest kept wanting to fight but that's not what I'm here for, she stated she comes to the resort with her kids for their dance competition every year and she will not return unless I am terminated. :) I told her I was sorry she felt that way. She wanted my bosses email which I gladly gave her. She stated she was going to post online about me and I'd never get another job again. I thanked her again. I felt like saying hey lady you have no idea what hateful people have said and continue to say about me on the Internet, so do your best but I doubt you can touch the lengths that others have attained! LOL! I told her I was sorry she was so dissatisfied with the service I gave her and wished her a wonderful day, to which she started bitching again, going, "see, this is what I'm talki...." before I disconnected the call. After you say all that shit about me, I'm done. Go to my boss like you said. I'm done with you. And, unless you're going to call DYFUS and the SPCA and any other alphabets (DEA, FBI etc) your sad little Internet posting about how I am so TEH MEAN and I couldn't teach your ignorant ass how to add two numbers to get the sum of your not going to affect me. Going to my boss is not going to affect me, as she stands next to me while I try to explain to retards how to do remedial math and tells me how she cannot believe how I can come in daily and continue to do what I do and take the fucking abuse that I take, so again, HAVE AT IT.

Hers was the 2nd threat of my job today. The 1st one was mad that she smoked in a nonsmoking room and we charged her credit card $100.00 due to the extra cleaning her room required. When I explained this to her, she stated that this was bullshit and when I reminded her we were both adults and there was no need to cuss, she stated that she would have my fucking job if she didn't get her money back. I wished her a wonderful day & hung up and thought with that little self control and such a small vocabulary, she really couldn't have my job.

Other than that, I was called a bitch only 3 times today. Once by a lady who wanted to play let's make a deal after she had stayed with us over the weekend and came home and thought about her room rates and figured they were too high. When I told her that she signed for those rates and she agreed for those rates, she cursed me and hung up. The other was a man who wanted his entire stay comped because he got bad directions and ended up in Green Bay (um hello sense of direction? Green Bay is HOURS from us!) and somehow this is OUR fault, I explained I was sorry that his GPS took him so far away, but that I could not refund his over $600.00 stay due to that, and he cursed me. The last one was this snotty bitch who has a bad credit card and owes $138 to the resort for her spa treatments. I called her and let her know that her CC was still declining and she called me a bitch and hung up.

I love my job!

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  1. Man, and I thought my payroll clerk job I had was bad... who knew that customer service was basically a full-contact work position!

    When they start going off like that, it makes you ask "Exactly how nice do I have to be?"