Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Well today was simply a lovely day!

Work was nice, except for a select few idiots. One was so funny I have to share. She was angry because her debit card had been authorized, which caused her account to go negative. (Here's a clue, don't vacation if you do not have a spare $50). When she checked in, she signed the registration pad that states we are going to authorize her card. It's standard procedure in any resort or nicer hotel. She was angry and stated nobody told her about it. I stated the front desk associates usually don't verbally alert the guests since like I said, it's clearly stated on the registration pad that you read and sign before checking in. She stated that this was a terrible thing, and it was discriminatory and racist. Um, whoa, racist? Do you know what race I am because I haven't a clue what you are ma'am. She stated that yes it is discriminatory because not all people can read. Well ma'am even if "a person" cannot read, they still are required to sign it, and if they cannot read I would hope they would either have a friend to assist them with the reading, or that they would oh, ASK the associate what it says before signing? I told her I've assisted other guests who didn't have their glasses and couldn't make out the words before, and it's not an uncommon practice for the front desk to do that. Because by signing, which ma'am, you did, you state that you A) read the information above and B) agreed with it. So, even if you did not or could not read, you signed stating you understood and agreed. So, I apologize that you have seven $45.00 overdraft fees on your account, but I cannot do anything about refunding those charges as I have your signature stating that you understood and agreed that we would authorize your Visa debit card. Sorry. The guest then called me a name (if you're curious, she called me a motherfucker) and hung up on me. I was about to say that I could call her bank and plead her case for her (many banks are a lot more receptive of removing overdraft fees if the merchant calls and explains and expedites the authorization removal) but she blew that by losing her temper. Also I would have suggested a different bank, because my bank sucks ass and they only charge $25 for overdrafts.

So then after work I came home and picked up a free grocery bag full of magnets that I scoured from Craigslist. I split them up into "awful" and "awful but keepable". My desk is surrounded on one side with a giant metal cabinet so I'm bringing them to work to display there so jazz up the joint. The others I'm taking to work to distribute to my coworkers. I do that with a bunch of free magazines that I don't like. I have a shit ton of stuff that I've got bagged up and ready to go.

Tomorrow I have a doctor's appointment at 1130am, but I'm not sure where. oh, never mind I just got the reminder call and it's in Portage. I was hoping it was in Baraboo as that is closer to my work. Poop! Eh, whatchagonnado? I'm rather nervous about this since I'm finding out the results of all my MRI/MRA/CAT Scan and bloodwork from when I had the mini stroke thing. I asked when they called if the results were okay and the person said they wouldn't tell me but I should get to the doctor's office to find out asap, Oh, great....that's comforting! So tomorrow I find out. I now have to figure out if I should go in to work first, I'm considering it but I'm also considering not going. LOL I'm so lazy.

I went to Goodwill after work today because tonight at midnight I get my paycheck and I can afford some new clothes, Well new to me! Actually 3 of the shirts I bought have tags on them, NY and Co, one is $69.99 and the other is $79.99. Not bad for six bucks for both! :) I also got 3 cute skirts to go with the shirts, 3 drinking glasses, a cereal bowl, a Canon T50 SLR camera (for $.99, I thought it was mismarked but nope, a really nice 35mm camera for a buck) and a beautiful magenta twinset. All for forty bucks. Not bad huh? I thought it was a great deal.

Hope that anyone who reads this had as nice of a day as I have.

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  1. Kim wrote, " Hope that anyone who reads this had as nice of a day as I have."

    I did.

    On Twitter you wrote, " I have no friends anymore and honestly I don't care. Well honestly I do but I shouldn't because it just makes me loose my buzz and be sad. "

    Sad earned. Sad you don't care.