Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Such a great sentiment.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Gives me hope

This picture gives me hope because it shows that some people really can read.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Monday, August 24, 2009


Crybabies and bedwetters, the world is full of em.


Since somebody thought it would be fun to send a copy of this blog to my employer, I just will post pictures here for all to see but keep any future posts my eyes only.

How ridiculous, for someone to have the mindset of since I won't play with them, they will not only take their ball and leave, but also go running to my mom to tell her that I'm not playing nice.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Dog, the other white meat

mmmm tastes like German food.


Well today was a pleasant surprise. First off I snagged a brand new umbrella from the lost & found on Wednesday. It's white and it had horrible brown smears all over it, like it had something spilled on it or maybe a giant had wiped his ass with it. Either way it was a shame to see a brand new big golf umbrella with tags covered in either coffee or shit. So I took it and figured I could clean it up and have a nice umbrella for when I walk Mr. Foo in the rain. Everyone at work laughed at me. Well that bitch cleaned up so nice and there's not one stain left on it after I sprayed its ass with Tilex. So it was pouring down rain today and I brought it with and laughed at everyone at work who dared laugh at me and my trashpicking abilities. Amateurs.

I did not have that many spatic people calling today either. That was a relief. Only one lady really cursed me but it was very uninspired and didn't even make me giggle. I did have one lady who called me to add up 2 numbers for her. She had 2 charges on her credit card, lets say $154.25 and $44.40. She could not add these 2 numbers on her own, she needed to call me to do it for her. That was disturbing. This lady somehow had enough money to come visit here, she drove here, but she can't add up 2 numbers to come up with the sum. Crazy. That makes me even more sure of the fact that humans are doomed and our days at the top of the food chain are limited.

I plan on doing nothing this weekend since I'm not welcome at the show tomorrow. Eh, whatever. I'm also being ignored now because I had to use the truck today to go to work since my car would not start. I "used up all the gas". WHATEVER. I also suck because I won't buy cigarettes anymore since I don't smoke anymore. That's also my fault. Everything's my fault. So I sit in here by myself every night and just wonder what it is that I've done or that I don't understand....that makes me so fucking disliked. I don't know.

Mr. Ito is chewing at his skin and I found a speck of what I think is flea dirt. Our neighbor's dog is covered in fleas. I've been treating him but I guess they have to bite him first in order to die. Poor Foo, he's never had a flea and I think he's allergic to their bites. I am going to bathe him on Sunday, since I have to wait 3 days after applying the Advantix.

That's it. I'm so fucking lonely.

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Most people who have known be in the past will say that I am a huge proponent of diapers. And I am. I really am. I wish this guy was my friend.


I spent today at the hospital getting cardiac tests from when I had the issue with my hand not working. They did echocardiograms, electrocardiograms, cardiac ultrasound with bubbles which was neat. They did sedate me for some of the tests and also do something to simulate exercise, Stan said it was a stress test and since they don't want me to stroke out, they didn't have me do real exercise. Which was fine with me. After they got my heart racing, they let it calm down and then gave me something which felt like valium squared. I drove myself there because nobody told me otherwise, and it was fun driving home. I apparently went to the store on the way back. I have new makeup. LOL I found the receipt and thankfully even in my altered state I took advantage of the buy 1 get 1 offers and also somehow came up with a $5 coupon. LOL I wish I remembered.

I am going to hate tomorrow because I'm gonna be so busy from not being there today. Thankfully it's just ONE MORE DAY and then I get 2 off. Stan's band is playing Saturday but I'm not going because apparently he's getting a ride or something and whatever I'm a big behemoth and there's no room for me or something equally lame. If I was jealous I'd care. But I'm not so I don't. Something tells me I should but what's the point.