Saturday, August 15, 2009


I did nothing today.

Well I ordered some checks. They were normally $24 but I got them for $6 including shipping. For 2 boxes of them. Yay. Styles checks is the service I used and I found several online coupons for their site and oddly enough their checkout allowed me to stack them and use many at once. I hope it will actually go through. :)

They have so many designs of checks now. I think every country music person has a set of checks with their face on them. Oddly enough they had a Rob Zombie set of checks, as well as a Styx and Kiss set too. I did not order any of those if you're curious. I ordered some with just a pattern on them. I feel like at age 40 I'm now too old to pass off writing a Hello Kitty check. However I was very tempted. So many of the checks just scream "THIS CHECK IS GOING TO BOUNCE". For example, the gambling designs, or the drinking designs. LOL. Not a good look for your finances.

My nurse at the doctor's office invited me to a community lunch today at a local Episcapal church. I was actually thinking of going because I really like her and that was really nice of her to think of us. Well, Stan didn't want to go because he's not a church goer, and he's not ready for them to start trying to recruit him to go to the church. I tried to tell him it wasn't like the Watchtower people, and they were just having a lunch....and I think he woulda gone with, but I completely overslept. I got up at 8 and had some breakfast and stuff and then sat in bed watching movies and fell back asleep. Oh well. They were having Tacos and I bet they woulda put the onions into the meat. At least that is what I'm telling myself since I am actually rather bummed that I missed it.

Speaking of movies I watched 2 of them today, Blade Runner which I've seen a bazillion times and I think I'm one of the few females in the world who enjoys it, and then another movie I'd never seen before called Mission to Mars. It had Gary Sinise in it and the dude from Jacobs Ladder, Tim Robbins. It was absolutely AWFUL and I would highly suggest NOT watching it even on a bet. The only scene worth watching was when a guy got spun around so fast in a wind tunnel that his arms and legs popped off. Other than that, nope. Not good. When the movie ends and I have to squeal 'WHAT THE FUCK?!? GIVE ME MY 2 HOURS BACK', that's not good. And I live for bad movies, but this movie was made to not derive it's charm from sucking. It was supposed to be touching and wonderful, and it ended up being retarded and ridiculous.

So that was my day. I ate some pork roast that Stan cooked on the fire in tinfoil and it was very good. I should get more of that on Monday when I go food shopping. Also with this paycheck I may buy some new eyeglasses. I love :)

Happy day.

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