Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Today was tolerable. I did have one lady call me a well trained corporate lapdog and then later in the call she barked at me. That was a little odd. I cannot imagine treating a complete stranger in a manner such as that. Seriously, what the hell is wrong with people? I also learned how to do a 3 way call on my phone and utilized that with a guest who refused to believe me when I told her that refunds take 3-7 business days to process on credit cards. For some reason she believed her bank.

One of the 3rd shift workers was terminated and arrested today. I don't know why. Considering the cops were involved, I have to guess it was theft related.

I am doing a diet that I just invented yesterday. It's called the Mini Wheats diet. We went to the store yesterday and I hadn't eaten a bite of food all day and I was hooongray! So on the way home when Stan stopped for gas I was foraging through the bags and broke into the strawberry creme frosted mini wheats and just started eating them like crackers. I ate about 6 of them and was full. So full that even the pizza that Stan got for dinner, instead of eating 3-4 pieces (the pieces out here in the Midwest are tiny compared to the big slabs back east so stop looking at me like I'm a fucking garbage disposal) I ate one piece completely, and the 2nd piece I picked at and ending up eating about a 1/3rd of it and giving the rest to Mr. Ito. So when I packed food for work today I stuck some of the mini wheats into a baggie and brought them with a gatorade and a tea, and my normal breakfast cereal with soy milk. I ate my breakfast (faux Golden Grahams) and then throughout the day picked at the bag of wheats and man let me tell you I was perfectly full all day, not even tempted to get a bagel, or lunch, which was great. So, every day (except tomorrow that is) I will be bringing in another baggie of them to stave off hunger and eating shitty fatty food. I say not tomorrow due to the fact that I have my employee of the month lunch with the bosses. So since they're paying I might line my pocketbook with a giant ziplock and order heavy. LOL! Last time I won EOM I had a chicken Caesar salad and it was delish and freaking enormous. I had Tiramisu for dessert and man oh man oh man was that fucking wonderful. I don't know if they are having the same menu or not. I'll report tomorrow what delicious treats I shoved down my gullet.

Oh I just remembered the entire reason that I was posting about the stupid cereal. I found another treat that's rather low fat and good for you (better than pudding or cookie dough) that I like. It's called Popcorn Indiana Buffalo Cheddar. Oh it's good it tastes just like chicken wings without the messy fingers and face. I highly recommend this popcorn.

That's about it. Lots of food information here today.

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