Wednesday, July 1, 2009


So I had to get up at 430 this morning to get up & ready to have Stan at the hospital for his surgery at 630. Ugh. I hate getting up that early.

Well we made it on time and he had his surgery and it went well thank God and he's hernia free. He doesn't know if he has a belly button or not, and he won't peek under the bandages to see. He wants to wait until he is allowed to take off the bandages. He called me a joy-kill and said I had no patience when I told him I wanted to peek now. Oh well, I don't have any patience and I don't see the whole fun of waiting to see something you want to see now. But hey different strokes for different folks so we will wait. He is in a lot of pain, more as the day goes on, the doctor gave him Vicodin which he already takes in addition to his Kadian for pain. So he will probably be in a lot of pain due to just having more pain stimuli and the same pain killers. I'm sure he'll be fine but I just worry, and I am so glad he's okay. I was a mess the whole time he was in the OR (over an hour), and his doctor was supposed to come talk to me afterwards, but noooo he didn't. :(

That's about it for me. I was going to make a chicken dinner tonight but Stan does not want it, he probably isn't that hungry. He ate a hot lean pocket for a snack and I think that will do it. Oh well I was kinda stoked for a pick chicken, but hey I'm also lazy and if he doesn't want it, who am I to complain? Oh and a pick chicken is a whole chicken that you bake & throw in the fridge and pick at. I love cold chicken about 20x more than I like hot chicken so pick chicken to me is delicious.

Happy day! :)

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