Thursday, July 2, 2009


So work was insane today. Since 4th of July is coming, everyone from Illinois is up in the Dells visiting. For some reason the front desk scheduled 3 girls to work the front desk (there are 14 computer stations for front desk associates to check people in) on the day before a holiday weekend with about 575 check ins. It was insane. There were people from group sales, reservations and corporate at the front desk checking people in. And of course I was there as well checking people in. I was not at work yesterday, so I had the 43 messages from yesterday to contend with as well as the calls from today, which were up to 27 at my last count at 3 when I had to leave. I only had 6 hours to work today, I offered to stay longer and help out but there was no budget for that. So tomorrow should be just a wonderful day too, I have so much shit to do, but thankfully I have 7 hours to do it tomorrow. Yay.

Stan's been in the bed all day today which I am pleasantly surprised about. He is in a lot of pain, and that's not good, but he's actually taking it easy and resting which is good. He's usually such a hard head he is doing too much after this kind of this tells me that he must really hurt to stay in bed all day. I tried to set him up with enough food & drinks by the bed when I left for work, and I made sure the dog was walked too. Mr. Ito was very good and did not poop up or pee up the house while I was gone. When I got home we went to the farmer's market up the way and he got a bone for being so good. He loves going to the farmer's market. I had no money for anything else but he did deserve the bone.

Oh and on the money front, my landlord just called and let us know that since we finally got all the receipts together from the home repairs we did before and since we've moved in, we can have another free month of rent! When we signed the lease we estimated that we would spend enough $ in repairs that we could get one and one half month's of rent in repair money. Well we went way over that, and weren't going to send those receipts in, since we had already agreed to one & 1/2 months. Well he kept asking for more reciepts so Stan sent him everything and he called today saying that since we spent so much on his property, he would give us another month free and then some $$$ off the next month as well. How's that for non-stick! Yay! He wanted to return the checks that we just sent, but Stan told him to keep it and we'll just have a credit with him. This will be great to catch up on utilities! And maybe get a washer & dryer??? That would be the shit, I am getting sick of doing wash in the bathtub.

So all in all today was a rockin kick ass day. Hope yours was too.

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