Monday, July 6, 2009


So today was a decent enough day. I got my medication adjusted and that's good. Also spoke to the doctor regarding the fact that the FDA is most likely going to discontinue the production of Vicodin, so I will have to just be put on straight hydrocodone, without the acetaminophen for my breakthrough pain medication. Which is fine with me, I honestly prefer Vicoprofen which is hydrocodone & Ibuprofen. But they're going to stop making medications that combine hydrocodone and tylenol, that's all I really know. I take a long acting opiate for my main pain reliever, and I take those 2 in the AM and 2 in the PM.

Work was crazy busy and people were trying to get into their rooms at 8am. This one lady she had no concept of why this seemed so ridiculous. I attempted to explain to her that we had a holiday over the weekend and guests are still in their rooms at 8am, and will be for 3 more hours. Then, after they depart we do have to get housekeeping up in there to clean it. I left at 230 today and the bitch was still calling every 10 minutes to see if her room was ready and getting madder and madder each call. Oh well. Honestly :my: job today wasn't that busy, it was everyone else's that was nuts, and I am just too nice and attempt to help.

I'm going to post 2 must see videos today. I hate when people post lame videos, but these are not lame. I promise you won't want your time back after viewing them. :)

Happy happy, still no AC on, it's really beautiful outside with just fans in the windows. Stan's on a mission to track down Heather's mother and send her to go live with her. I have not seen Heather in about a month now, we don't know where she is. She texts her dad every night but you know prostituting yourself is hard work and requires her to sleep all day, but we don't allow that here so she just refuses to come home. Stan's had enough of her foolishness and nonsense. He's going to tell her Mom that we will not pursue her for the 14 years of back child support that she owes us and will allow her to stop the support early if she just takes her own child in and keeps her for one year. Just one year, then she'll be 18. We've had her all the rest of the time, what's a year? Just 365 little days. Bet me money this lazy bitch would rather pay child support and not have any contact with her child. I dunno, from what Stan says she's equally lazy and money hungry. I hope she's more money hungry and agrees to take in little Miss Jailbait and STD 2009. That would make me smile. And laugh. :)

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