Thursday, July 9, 2009


Man I am one lazy bitch. I would love to go to bed right now. I slept yesterday from about 6pm till 730 the next morning. And I could have slept more. I love sleeping.

Work was tolerable and not too busy. Six hours went quickly. The car would not start after work of course so Stan picked me up and we ran to Walmart where his bank is located. He had overdrawn his account by $5 oops. So he had to pay his fines.

Today is farmers market day, or as it's known around the house, "bone day". Mr. Ito walks up there with us when we shop and he gets a big buffalo bone. But lately there has not been any buffalo bones! Dear God! So he's been getting some beef neck bones. It's really cute he takes the bone from the farmer and carries it home. If we let him he would RUN all the way home. We also got some buffalo for dinner and some local broccoli. There were a bunch of oriental people there, all with the same stuff. I think they're buying this food somewhere else and selling it at the market. Because none of the white or indian farmers have these products and they ALL have the same stuff. Which leads me to believe they are not local nor are these people farmers. I don't think I like that. The whole purpose of the farmers market is to buy local food and be self sustaining within your community. Not driving your van (they all had vans) to Chicago to the big oriental market and stocking up on stuff that you jack the price up and sell to people like you grew it yourself. I know first hand that oriental markets have amazing selections of vegetables that are very, very cheap. They're very good as well. As a matter of fact I had told Stan before back in NJ that the veggies at the oriental market reminded me of farmers market veggies. But whatever that's what freedom of choice is about and we just didn't buy from them.

So I'm waiting for the grill to heat up and for Stan to cook the buffalo. I made chop salad today for the first time in about a year. What is chip salad you ask? Its cherry tomatoes cut in half (2 boxes), 3 avocados cut into small chunks, 2 cucumbers partially peeled so they are striped cut into slices and then cut into 1/2 and 1/4's depending on the size of your cuke, colored peppers (red and orange), 1 container extra firm tofu cut into diced cubes (or purchased cubed), 2 cans of small black olives, 2 cans of green giant white shoepeg corn, 2 cans of black beans. Mix all this together in a huge tupperware container, then add 4 seasons Italian dressing (must be that kind, the kind you mix yourself and do not use white vinegar or apple vinegar, use RED WINE vinegar, and do not use corn or vegetable oil, use extra virgin olive oil). Mix it all up and refrigerate and you have the most perfect food for snacks, as a meal, or with a meal. I could live off this stuff. It's delicious!

:) Happy day!

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