Thursday, July 2, 2009

Beauty Nipple

This kind of product brings up a bunch of W questions:

What? as in WTF what? Why would anyone want a "Beauty Nipple" even if it does come with a carrying case? Me myself I'm not a big fan of when I have headlights.

Where? as in where would you buy this? Porno type store? Drug store? The packaging screams dollar store. Also, where would you store them in their attractive packaging? Purse? Drawer?

Why? again, I am usually trying to control my headlights and not share them with the world. I can't imagine sticking little latex nipples over my own nipples to show the world that I'm cold. Knowing my luck, one would drop down out of place and I'd look like I could nurse a litter of puppies.

When? really when is it appropriate to wear little latex pink nipples? Is this for people who need prosthetic nipples?

This product confuses & frightens me and I've spent way too long thinking about it.

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