Tuesday, July 7, 2009


A lovely productive day at work with minimal assholes. One really big one but she was easily dealt with. She and her husband were here with us over spring break. Her husband verbally assaulted 2 little tween girls, cursing them and threatening them, and then when he was called out on this, he played the race card like he had a full house. Dude acted so miserably that the parents of the girls called the police and pressed charges against him. So after that he continued to cry that the only reason that he was being so persecuted was because he was black. It was a fucked up scene. The general manager as well as many other managers were involved and the mans behaviour was just so horrible they asked them to leave. They had paid for many nights upon check in, and one payment was for $1398.00. We refunded $942 back to their credit card, and the wife went buttcrazy because refunds on credit cards take 3-5 days to process, and she was going to "start getting crazy" unless we expedited the refund. I did and it took me hours. She was horrible to work with and called daily for 3 days saying that we had taken the refund back. I called her CC company so many times, and what she wanted was the $1398 back as well as the $942, meaning she would :make: money from her stay with us. I told her absolutely not and no no no! She kept calling and wasting my time for days, demanding all the money back. I refused. Well today I get a chargeback in the mail, no big deal, but guess who it's from? HER! LOL I cannot wait for the CC fraud investigators to see the package of stuff that I sent in, including a copy of the police report and tickets that the husband was issued due to threatening kids, and then the refund that she already rec'd, plus the signed registration card that states she agrees to pay $X.XX amount of money, which was LESS than she initially was charged because they departed early. Well now they are going to be responsible for the entire stay, since that is what she signed and agreed to, and if she had not involved her cc fraud department, she would have been fine and only paid for what she stayed. Now she's going to pay for what she AGREED to pay, and I sealed that letter off with a big kiss! I hate assholes.

We went to the store and spent some coupons that I got from Lean Pockets because of a big piece of BONE that I found in a pocket. EW GROSS! So I sent them an email and let them know, they sent me a return envelope to send the bone back to them, as well as 3 free product coupons, and 2 $0.40 cents off coupons. I also had a free coupon for Chap Stick Shimmer, which I finally found (Walgreens does not have it) and got that in Tropical flavor, which tastes like a Pina Colada! Yum! I also got a pretty plant that I split up, it's a Pothos Ivy. I'm taking some to work for my desk, the other's on Stan's tall dresser and it looks really pretty. I need to get more plant pots at Goodwill, they've not had any the last couple times I went. The ivy was on sale for $2.00 and it was big enough to separate. Sweet! Oh they also had shoes on sale, and I got 2 pairs of ballet flats for $7; one pink and one a really cool school bus yellow. Oddly enough a lot of my work clothes are pink and they will look hot with these shoes. The yellow ones, I will make work but they're just such a pretty yellow I could not resist. If I had more money I would have bought the lime green ones as well (Hint hint Stan if you read this please get them for me in size 7, and the solid green ones).

That was pretty much my day. Oh I almost shit myself on the way home, but nobody wants to read about that, plus "almost" doesn't count unless you're shitting on the horseshoe field or something, right?

Oh and thank you for the searches and clicks! I should send you all Prankerchiefs!

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