Friday, July 3, 2009


I love Friday!

Because I have 2 days off! YES! Today at work was barely controlled chaos. It was madness. The guests, I swear I think they all drink a big steaming cup of entitlement soup before they get in the car to come on vacation. Check in time is at 4:00. I don't know if you've never been out of your house before, and I honestly don't care, but no, you may not check into an occupied room at 7:30am just because you want to and for some reason you've decided to arrive to the resort 8.5 hours early. And no the waterpark is not open at this time. Sorry, maybe we should open it just for you rather than making you wait the hour and a half before they open the doors. Then dude is pissed off that the outdoor waterpark is closed at dusk. He wants to know why. I told the poor associate who kept running into the back office to escape his verbal assaults to tell him that we got sick of scraping kids off the pool filter in the morning because the lifeguards don't have night vision. What an asshole. We close the pools at dusk so your ugly children don't drown, braintrust.

So the fun started when I got there and was continuing when I split at 3. Bitchy people wanting and wanting and wanting and not understanding that their wants and demands are not met with instant YES SIR PLEASE DEMAND A LOWER RATE ON A HOLIDAY WEEKEND and OF COURSE YOU CAN LET YOUR FAT CHILD SHIT IN THE MAKE A WISH FOUNTAIN BECAUSE HE NEEDS A NAP AND YOUR ROOM IS NOT READY 4 HOURS EARLY. I swear I don't know real life people that act like this, I really don't, and if any of my friends and/or family acted in this manner I would be mortified and would tell them that they suck.

I plan on doing a whole bunch of nothing this weekend. Sounds great right? I got the kitchen clean tonight, I made Stan gross dinner that he wanted (eggs with little smokies sausages mixed in), cleaned up the dogshit yard, did the dishes and took out the garbage. So the chores are almost all done (dog dinner, ferret dinner and dog walk left to do) and then I'm done. Dee Oh En Ee done!

Happy Fourth of July and if you're going somewhere for the holiday please take a second and say THANK YOU to the person that you have contact with who's working. Be nice to them. They will appreciate it. Heck, make their holiday and give them a TIP. What a concept!


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