Monday, June 1, 2009


I found out that I am getting the Employee of the Month for May. :) Yay.

I get a lunch at work, and a free stay in the resort, and $100. Oh and a kickass parking space.

Not too bad for someone who is considered such a piece of shit, eh?

This makes me very happy. I actually love my job and I love going there, I love my coworkers and I love our guests (for the most part). My job is rewarding, enjoyable, and not at all boring. Every day is different.

Tomorrow I have an appointment at Social Services to try and get some financial aid. I cannot afford to live without help. We either can pay our bills or eat. Heather has no health insurance and the school is barking about her having shots. I can't afford shots! I can't afford anything. So we're gonna try for some utilities assistance, insurance and food stamps.

Wish me luck. It's either this or back to the food bank.

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  1. "Employee of the Month".....I'm just so very proud of you!

    Your "mother"