Wednesday, June 17, 2009


So today was pretty great. Work was indeed work, and people did call in with stupid questions about not remembering how they spent their money, not knowing how to add or subtract or fill out an expense report, but honestly, it was nice.

I left after 6 hours of fun at work and came home. I'm watching season 3 of Dexter and I really do love this show. I am going to watch one more episode & take a nap. Stan's in the other room playing dream police on his guitar.

I have nothing to add to my life story here today other than another beautiful day has come & gone and it's been nearly what, 48 hours since I've had to look at a person I don't care for, and don't know or care where she is and it's lovely.

I ate salad for lunch today. I got a work gift card and I'm using it to buy food here and there, which is great because w/o it, I would be going hungry.

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