Saturday, June 20, 2009


Last night Stan went back in time to when we lived in NJ and would hang out with Jerry and they'd do lemon drop shooters (vodka, lemon wedge, sugar) and Jerry would overdose on dog tranquilizers that he'd steal from his long suffering wife's workplace. Stan drank a bunch of lemon drop shooters, but abstained from the dog tranquilizers. Which was good because the only time I was around for the dog tranqs we ended up having to call the EMT's for Jerry who I believe also wet his pants that night. Someone peed, and there was just too much drama that night for me to clearly be sure who to point the finger at. Good times, good

So Stan drinks a bunch of cheap vodka last night, I had one shooter or really about 1/2 a shot of vodka and the lemon/sugar combo. He ended up drunk but happy and asleep by 10. He woke up early like I mean EARLY (yell it bitches) at 530 to set up for his yard-sale-o-rama. And he did, he got up and set up and sold shit. What shit you ask? Well a house down the way got foreclosed upon, and the people had long gone, but they left behind SO MUCH STUFF! So they curbed all the stuff and us being classy us, carted it all away and sold it like it was our own. Cha ching! Free money rocks my socks.

So Stan sat outside all day, I did NOT. I am not friendly to strangers so early like he is. I cannot tolerate people who when you tell them something that's worth $20 is $1, they ask if you will take a quarter...and I feel like giving them 50 cents and escorting them off my lawn. Stan's much nicer. Around 5ish he split to drive 2.5 hours to play some gig near Green Bay. He now carpools with the sound guy who lives somewhere...and the soundguy drove. I was supposed to go but it is just so hot I cannot put on pants. Nope. No pants. It's too hot. I can't see sitting in some dive bar with a bunch of sweaty strangers rubbing up against me. I'm not usually so antisocial, but when it's hot I can't do it. So sound guy drove since he has air conditioning and Stans car doesn't. The reason I wasn't going to go at first before I knew it was hot was because of my 3 in the truck rule. I hate 3 in the truck. I hate it so much. I hate it as much if not more than the cellphone on the belt. It's a weird thing, our truck is big enough to fit 3 in the cab but I just hate it and think it's so hillbilly. So I wouldn't go if soundguy was going so I wouldn't have to ride bitch in the middle of those 2. But soundguy ended up driving his air conditioned van and I coulda sat in the back but no I decided to stay home.

So, I weaseled some $$ from Stan before he left and took Mr. Ito out to dinner. We should have gone to Jimmy Johns but I forgot they have outside seating until I had already told him we were going to KFC. I had a coupon, sue me. We got a busquet (bucket) of chicken for $9. He got a free snacker sandwich from the girl at the drive through because he's so handsome and well mannnered. He was sitting on my lap (this is going to read really strangely if someone's reading this and doesn't realize that Mr. Ito is my German Shepherd) while I was paying and she said Well Hello there! to him and he offered her a hand to shake. What a ladykiller. She thought that was the cutest thing ever and asked if he could have a snacker sammich. Well of course he can! Why do you think I taught him that trick? LOL!! So I brought home the bucket, ate one piece which was absolutely disgusting and wished I ate the damn snacker which looked almost edible. I forget, when did KFC become so disgusting? Seriously, this chicken was so soggy and wiggly it was like they microwaved it to death.

So now there are 9 pieces of chicken in my fridge, and hopefully that will make it taste better. I love cold chicken, much better than warm/hot chicken so hopefully this cold chill will help it become edible. Otherwise drunken Stanley will have something to gnaw on when he gets home at 5am. I love these gigs that are hours and hours away.

SO that's it...that's my day so far. I want to take a nap.

OH OH I did get 2 pyrex tiny square containers with glass lids from the trash that are in RED. They're so old and antiquey and cool, I love them! I love glass containers that I can eat from that have lids. I also got a mug that's so tacky from Washington DC, my hometown that I miss so much. :( It's pink and brown and looks like it's speckled with flung shit, I love it.

I also got a beautiful oak dresser from the garbage. Did I write about that already? I think I did. If not, I did. It's a 6 drawer antique oak dresser and when I was outside cleaning the crayon and cobwebs offa it, 3 people asked if it was for sale. No bitches, I trashpicked this baby and it's mine!!! muhahahaha!

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  1. Hey thanks for the comment about the NRA, Kim. I went ahead and posted it on my blog, something I should've done long before now.
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