Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Oh fun

Today we had to go to the county to apply for Heather's health insurance and to see if I could get health insurance, and I might be able to. Yay! I need to find out what percentage my company pays towards the insurance. If it's under 80%, I can. If it's over 80%, I can, but I get penalized for 3 months meaning I will be uninsured for 3 months. Risky, but I just need to figure out if it's worth $190 a month savings to be uninsured for 3 months. I'll see.

Then we drove home and I went off to work. I was driving to the highway and I went to do something with my right hand. I tried to move it, and it was dead. Nothin. I thought to it again, move! It refused. Then this blinding headache hits me so hard I was just swimming in my head. I started getting really out of it, and finally my hand starts cooperating and moving when I think it to move, and then I am just confused. I remember thinking I should call Stan. I did and I don't remember anything past that for about 10 minutes when I was driving (yes I know scary) through a wayside which is like a rest stop but without any food or gas. I pull my shit together and drive home and Stan's rather freaked out because oddly enough he was listening to NPR that morning and they were discussing strokes. So he rushes me to the hospital where I get a head CT and a bunch of blood tests and fall asleep for a while. The doctor with the ponytail stated that everything looked "ok" on the tests but he was not sure what is going on and I need to go to see a neurologist right away tomorrow morning. He gave me a Plavix pill and sent me home. Stan took me to Pierces and I got a nice salad bar salad that I was craving and we came home.

So that's my day. Fun stuff, no? Yeah I know, no. Oh when I got home I pulled the 27 messages off my work voice mail and transposed them into an email to my bosses to help get them answered. I hope they do it. I won't be in tomorrow either. :(

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