Wednesday, June 24, 2009


So today's payday and hooray for that. I can now pay some bills, not as many as I thought since I am still paying for health insurance that I no longer have. This is the 2nd pay period that they've taken nearly $200 from my check for coverage I no longer have. I am pissed and the person in charge of this was "too busy" to talk with me today but told me to come in tomorrow. I really need that money back, it's hundreds of dollars that I could use to live, yanno? Douchebags.

My neighbor's kid got hit by a car today. He was outside playing in the hose when I came home and he's all black & blue and busted up. My neighbors are so poor they couldn't even take him to the doctor. How sad is that? The mom told me that the hospital sued them and now she is afraid to go back. They sued them for nonpayment. That's so fucked up. So then, to make things worse, the cocksmoker who hit the kid, calls the cops and files a complaint against my neighbors because when he hit the boy, the boy's bicycle damaged his car. What kind of fuckwit does that? Seriously. So the cops were here and the boy's mom was a nervous wreck when I saw her, they're young and she has a lot of court fees that aren't paid and probably has a warrant for that, but thankfully nobody checked her and she's still home. Whew. I told her she had to take the kid to the doctor, his knee looked like a fucking eggplant, and she said she would tomorrow when she could drive to another town with another hospital that she doesn't owe money to. :( Fucked up man. What kind of society is this where some fuck runs down a kid and then wants to ticket the mother for damaging his fucking car? A replaceable car vs. a sentient being? Wow.

At work I got screamed at and a very strange opportunity came about with a co worker who's everyone's best friend (but mine) who I busted stealing. Nice huh? I tell the higher ups, one lives with the person, the other's boyfriend does, so I'm sure nothing will happen with that. I wish I could steal money and just be told that it cannot happen again. This place where I work has fired people for a lot less and I find it reprehensible that nothing is being done and if it continues that nothing is done I will take this to upper management and get everyone involved in trouble but I'd honestly rather not do that. I just know that I'm waiting 2 months for a raise that I was told I was getting and still have not, and this bitch is giving herself a raise. Fucked up.

I'm frustrated today because of this. Injustice blows.

I wish it would storm already. None last night and man o man is it freaking hot and humid.

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