Saturday, May 30, 2009

A Letter to our Neighbors

I gave this note to our neighbors today. Too harsh?

Hello Neighbors!
Can we talk about dog poop? I know, gross. I don't like talking about poop either, but I feel like we need to. We all own dogs, and we all know that dogs indeed do poop. Several times daily. It's a fact of dog life. A gross fact, but a fact nonetheless.
The reason for this note is to ask you to join us in keeping the yard clean. I've been cleaning up all the dog poops since we've moved in. Today I cleaned up all of Thunder's poop, as I did a week ago. Is there any way you could please pick up his waste at least daily/every other day? I know you're busy; so are we. But, it's just not healthy to leave dog poop sitting in the grass where your kids and our dog have to walk/play. Especially since Thunder's had some worms in his poops. Summer's coming and poop will attract flies and other bugs, and yuck, those are just as bad as poop itself and I'd like to not have to deal with that.
Gary was here the other day and he did make mention of what a mess the yard was. I don't want troubles with the landlord so can we please work together to keep the backyard clean? Stan likes cutting the grass so that's taken care of, but it's hard for him to do so when the yard is littered with a week's worth of dog poop. He won't pick up dog poop, that was one of the conditions that I agreed to do when we got our dog.
Thank you for understanding, and please do not take this as we are upset; we're not angry or upset at all. We'd just like to get this yard under control and nice looking for the summer and beyond.
Thanks for your time and for your understanding.

Stan & Kim
Your Upstairs Neighbors

I hope it's not too harsh. But then again I am really not too fond of cleaning up after my own dog, much less theirs with its nasty soft poops filled with worms. Gross.

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