Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Hello Wednesday

Today I spent the bulk of my day at the doctor's. Neurologist wants a million tests that even with insurance i cannot afford. Great. Right now I have on a heart monitor which is severely reminding me of the wound vac. It's funny how easy it was to slip back into the feeling of having a bunch of wires/tubes coming out of my shirt and going to a small box that I have to carry with me EVERYWHERE. It's like second nature, I guess those 5 months of tit vacuum really ingrained themselves into my mind.

Dr. Neurologist thinks it was something started by a migraine rather than an actual stroke or TIA. Seems plausible. So just to be sure since this is my brain we're talking about, I get a MRI, MRA, Echo cardiogram, some other heart gram, and about 30 different blood tests since I do not know my family history. I may go do that tomorrow AM but I cannot eat or drink from midnight onwards. No biggie I don't eat that late anyhow.

So after my blood tests, I am going to go to work. This blog is boring. Les spice it up a bit. When I had migraines back in the 90's I was ingesting a huge amount of drugs. I told the doctor this, and he was like what kind of drugs? I answered yes. LOL I was doing everything from cocaine to barbiturates to heroin. Once I stopped the constant partying and moved from DC to NJ, the headaches went away. I mean completely just stopped. They had plagued me for years too, crippling blinding headaches that really interfered with my life. I really hope they don't come back.

Night night.

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