Sunday, June 14, 2009

Again with the cops

We got another call this morning to come get Heather from the cops.


This time she was wandering around town drunk and partially dressed at 730am. Classy! They took her to the hospital with alcohol poisoning. She will be getting a ticket for this one, which she probably won't pay and Stan will get into trouble.

I told her when she got home that I would prefer if she moved out. She failed school this year, she's forever in trouble with school, cops or other people, and I don't feel like I can deal with it anymore and I don't think it's fair that we have to. We've tried to be good parents but she has turned into a shit of a person who I cannot stand anymore, and I'm tired of being held responsible for her actions when she lies to us about where she is and refuses to do anything but what she wants to do. Seriously, what can I do other than tie her to a radiator? We ground her, she leaves when we sleep. Stan drives her to school she walks in the front door and walks out the side door after he leaves. We come to pick her up from school and she's not there. She lies about EVERYTHING. I cannot control her. Nobody can, she's too big to punish anymore other than doing things like physically restraining her which are also illegal. So we have a chronically truant, underage drinking, smoking & drugging child who refuses to listen or stop, and we are thisclose to getting in trouble because she's out of control and we can't stop her.

She's almost 17 now and she can move out early. She has all the answers so please, by all means, go live your life the way you want to, in a weekly rate no tell motel, where you lie to us to go hang out in and cry when the cops drag you out of there, only to return when they release you. HAVE FUN. This is not the way I raised you and these are not the values that I tried so hard to instill in you, so just go since you're so miserable here, and you make me sick to look at.

She sucks and I wish her mother would come and get her. She had the right idea leaving her....I guess I'm too stupid to even realize what that dumb cunt could see clearly. Shame nobody knows where the bitch is or I am pretty sure Stan would drive her to go and live with her. What a pair those 2 would be! LOL

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