Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Well Hello Barb

I see my journal has been located.

I do not understand.

The last time I called you, you stated that at first you didn't know who I was, then you stated that you had nothing to say to me. I wished you well and that was that.

So now you are acting like you didn't do this?

I'm confused and since I was driving in the car fresh out of work when we had this conversation, so I'm pretty sure I wasn't drunk.

The main piece of information I took from that conversation was that you no longer wanted to be my friend. I know I am not reading more into this.

I pretend like it doesn't hurt but it does. But I've had some months to get used to the fact that you don't like me. And I know, probably better than most, what happens when you don't like someone. Nobody likes that someone. So before I became a laughing stock like Lynn Love, Vicky Edinger, Vicky Rummel, etc, etc that I would just remove myself from the scene. Do you blame me?

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