Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Good God Man

This is Marilyn Manson. Remember he used to be a emo, then an androgynous thing with boobs?

Well now he's the poster child for Waffle House. It looks like he favors the strawberry or cherry ones.

What a big bloated mess! I read in his recent Spin article that he was doing coke. I think someone sold him powdered sugar instead, because coke makes you thin, and thin he's not.

I could hole up for winter in those chins!


  1. Jesus Crust. Is that really a real photo, it kind of looks shopped.

    I bet that's jam around his mouth, not lipstick.

  2. LOL! How sad!!
    Glad your still bloggin, missed your livejournal posts :)

  3. Wow... yeah, the "Beautiful People" guy has become the "Freaky Guy" if that's real. Never thought I'd see this in a million years.

    I do have to laugh though... I had a mental picture of him and Richard Simmons, and the little dialogue that went something like Richard saying "I love you, you're perfect" and Marilyn screaming at him, lol.

  4. Hey Kim!

    I have missed you! So happy to see you online again. I missed reading your livejournal.


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