Monday, June 15, 2009


So yes it is Monday. I was busy at work because apparently people don't realize that business days are M-F and that does not include Sat & Sun. I got a message from this angry woman all kinds of indignant over the fact that she couldn't BELIEVE that I wasn't in on Saturday at 7:42PM. HOW DARE I?

So after I called back all forty eight messages, taught morons how to add and subtract, before I knew it, it was already time to go. I go out and of course my car won't start. I called Stan who made his 2nd out of 3 trips to the Dells. First was to take Heather back to the PD so she could "add to her statement", and 3rd to go to the Doctor to get scheduled for his surgery on 7/1/09.

So now I feel like doing absolutely nothing. I'm watching TV and watching Heather eat everything we have in the house and bitch that it's not enough and that the selection sucks. Her Dad has not yet told her that she's going to be paying rent since she treats this place as a flophouse and does whatever she pleases. $25 a week sounds fair, she needs to start working rather than laying around the house eating everything. I really detest her. I cannot wait until she is no longer here. She's so gross, she's not changed her bed since we moved, she's not done laundry...and before anyone says oh you're terrible you should do it for her, NO I SHOULDN'T. She's almost seventeen, if she can't do it herself now, what's the point of me doing it for her other than enabling her laziness? Seriously. The time for "oh poor little Heather" has come & gone. Buck up and pull your own weight. I don't have money for the laundromat, I have to wash clothes in the bathtub, and it sucks but I have clean underpants, and that's the bottom line. We have soap, we have softener, the only missing ingredient is desire and drive. They've been long missing from her personality.

I'm done talking about her until she gets arrested again, or leaves, just imagine her laying around like the lady of leisure she is, eating all the food, stealing my medicine and money, and bitching because it's "not enough". It never is. We never are good enough for the princess. I'm tired of caring and trying.

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