Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Another swamped busy day at work. It was madness and I had to do something I hate to do which is leave before everything that was thrown at me today was completed. But, we are having a budge crunch and I can't go over my hours. Plus, tomorrow I am not going in, at least not for a full day, most likely not at all. Stan's having abdominal surgery tomorrow and I need to drive him there and back, and then probably stay home and help him out because I'm sure he'll be in some pain. I'm very worried about the surgery, but I can't wait to see how cute his belly will be after it's over!

I wanted to buy steaks for dinner tonight but I just don't have the money to do so. Urgh. Oh well. Whatcha gonna do? Foodbank mac & cheese will have to do. Rent is due again...arrgh! How does this happen so quickly, these months just jet by before you know it.

I'm 100% hooked on the show True Blood. I'm so stoked about season 3. I think I have a tv crush on Vampire Bill and I don't know why. His head is shaped like a shoebox. I think it's the whole southern charm thing, because he has tiny ratlike eyes and a box head. So it must be his tv personna. LOL Tv crushes make me laugh.

Well I'm off to watch some TV and relax since I just took my medicine and I can do that afterwards. I've been having some weird ass dreams lately. Plus I have to have Stan to the hospital down in Baraboo by six thirty in the morning. EW. So fucking early! Bleh.


  1. Out of curiosity. I love True Blood, but it is an HBO show. I can't afford HBO so don't get the pleasure of watching it. If you can't afford food, how can you afford HBO?

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  3. I watch the series on the internet. I do not have HBO. I also enjoy watching Dexter and I believe that's a Showtime show, but I also don't have Showtime, either. I rent those DVD's from the library, and they're free. It's amazing what your local library has DVD wise, or I should say :my: local library has a great selection.

    I hope this satisfies your curiosity, you know what it did to that poor cat, anonymous.

  4. Sorry for the double post, you can't edit after you push the "post comment" button and I needed to edit the initial posting. :) Just didn't want you to think I was wasting money by deleting comments when most people who have better financial skills than I would simply edit.