Tuesday, June 9, 2009


So yeah, today I found out that I qualify for state insurance which is simply wonderful since I cannot afford my current insurance. I can afford the premium that comes out of my paycheck, it's $93.78 per week. I can afford the copay of $30.00 per visit. I can afford the co-pay for prescriptions which is $10.00 for generics for a 30 day supply, and 40% of the charge for brand name. I can afford the co-pay for emergency room visits, which is $75.00. I can afford the co-pay for MRI's which is $75.00 for regular, and $300.00 for open. (Okay I can't afford the open). I can afford the co-pay for bloodwork which is $10.00 per test.

What I cannot afford is all of the above all at once, which is what I was stuck with last week. I had to cancel the MRI and MRA and the blood tests due to the fact that right now my net worth is $-87.43. I get my direct deposit tomorrow but due to missing a week of work it will probably be ridiculously low. Also I will still be paying premiums on my insurance because oopsie HR forgot to remove the premiums as of 6/1/2009, but they surely canceled my insurance at that point. They'll see if they can reimburse me next pay period (2 weeks away) :( So I don't think I will have enough to pay my portion of the rent so here we go again back on the road to eviction, and that never ending sick feeling in my stomach of not knowing that I have a secure place to live. I've had that same sick feeling since 2005. Yes for four years I have not had a secure place to live that a day did not go by that I didn't fear someone lording over me telling me to get the fuck out. I have had a couple months here in this house feeling good about things, but I guess 2 months or so is all I get. Which sucks because I have found that sleeping at night is a good thing, and knowing that you're not going to get tossed out on your ass makes it a lot easier to sleep at night. I hate knowing that if I get sick (or I should say WHEN I get sick) that everything goes down the drain.

So my good news is that I have this new state insurance. The co-pays for this are $1.00 to $3.00 for prescriptions, office visit co-pays, and best of all, NO PREMIUMS DUE!!!! YAY!!! My usual monthly prescription costs of $95 have now been cut down to $8.00. EIGHT BUCKS. Amazing. I am in awe that I could get this. It makes the bummer of not getting food stamps a little better. Not to mention that when I was at the office I got a list of food banks where I can go pickup free food rather than just go without. It's good to have options. Going hungry to me really isn't one. Oh this insurance also covers eyeglasses and dentists. Maybe I could get this giant hole in my tooth filled in? Who knows! Maybe I could get my teeth cleaned for the first time since 1986.

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