Saturday, May 23, 2009

So Welcome to Poverty

I work hard at a job I love. Why is it that I never have any money?

I cannot afford to pick up my prescriptions which sucks.

I owe the bank money because it takes them a week to post charges done on my ATM card. The bank sucks. They screw me out of nearly $200 every 2 weeks with charges and overdrafts and fees. Right now I have .88 in the bank and I'm sure by the time my direct deposit shows up on Tuesday night, it will be at -167.42 like it was last time I got paid.

I don't understand finances and I am about to go drop a rubber check on the Walgreens so I can have some tasty Vicodin. Shame I can't also write the check for some smokes, a 12 pack and some snacks. :)

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