Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tuesday that feels like Monday

I am all wacked out today; it is Tuesday but it feels like Monday. I was actually busy at work and still have stuff to work on tomorrow, I didn't even get to finish before I had to leave & pickup Heather.

I was very frustrated at work today. The girls at the front desk do the dumbest shit. Someone comes to check in and their credit card is declining. Rather than say Hey this card's not going through, and you owe us $600 to stay here, do you have another? They just give them keys and basically let them stay for free. Then it becomes my problem because I am the collections department of the resort. It frustrates me as that's basically why they're there...to collect money and check people in. I wish someone would give away a vacation to me because they're "too scared" to say something about my bad credit card. Then there's this one girl who is just so slow and so dumb, she attempts to say something and it takes about 4 minutes to even wrap your head around the basic concept of it and then it's like watching paint dry listening to her attempt to explain something. Urgh. I was grumpy today. Because of course it is shark week and I am bitchy.

I am going to sit my ass in the tub for a bit and go watch TV in the bedroom since Stan is watching bad TV out here. Wow, it's already 9 something. How did that happen? Today has flown by, all day.

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