Saturday, May 16, 2009

Another fun Saturday Night

So, my dear husband's band had a show tonight. I wasn't sure if I was gonna be able to go or not, depending on what Ms. Truancy 2009 was doing. So I decided I'd just stay home since she had to work until 8 tonight. She called her dad right after he left to let him know she'd be staying at a friends house. I know she waited that long just so I would be stuck home waiting on her rotten ass and not be able to go with. She did the same thing on our anniversary. Just basically fucks me over any chance she gets. Eh, whatchagonnado?

Anyway, my husband is out now and won't be back until probably 5am. I told him to wake me up and we will have some pizza! It's so cold in here tonight, but thankfully spring is honestly, I'm as happy as a 40 year old bitch can be. Thanks for suggesting Wisconsin, it's so much more temperate than New Jersey in the winter! HA!

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